On Mar 28 Jake (Lorax, Expressway) was united with us through the GRR.  He accepted us right off the bat, and he quickly won our hearts.  Jake came to us with a few medical issues to include heartworms so we had to keep him calm during his treatment period. Yeah right, we are supposed to keep an energetic 2 year old Golden calm! Nonetheless he was a trooper and we all got through his treatments successfully. Although the treatments are supposed to be very painful, he never showed any signs of being in pain and was always a ray of sunshine.

  We have always had a dog in our lives but Jake was definitely unique. He loved, loved, loved to watch TV, especially the nature channel and his favorite new series Zoo.  When we would turn to his shows, he would hurry from his bedding and sit very alert right in front of the TV soaking in everything. He was funny to watch, sniffing and looking around the floor speaker trying to find the animals that he watched.

  Jake was such a goofball too. He was always ready to play, regardless if it was indoor or out.  He loved to play with his antler, stuffed toy or tennis ball on his bed, he was learning to fetch and very quickly learned to catch the Frisbee.  He got along well with other dogs and humans, and enjoyed the attention he received from our friends who all thought he was very sweet, extremely handsome and well mannered.

  He seemed to always light up when we entered the room.  He seemed happiest when he could be near us.  Which he ensured he was when at all possible. We quickly learned to walk around him in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.  Wherever we were, he was there as well if at all possible.  We didn’t mind, as we understood, already having a Golden previously for 14 years.

  His quick passing on Sep 1st was very difficult for us but we took comfort in knowing he was not alone when he passed and his time with us, albeit short, was hopefully a very happy time for him. His passing is very fresh in our hearts but nonetheless our hearts are filled with joy as a result of the love he showered on us! We will always cherish the time that we got to be together. We believe he is now running and playing with our previous 2 dogs that we’re sure received and welcomed him to his new heavenly home with love.

Greg and Alison Frank


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