April of 2014, I pulled up to a house to do an intake evaluation, and when Hunter stood up from a patch of blue bonnets, I knew something was special about him.  We only had 3 short years with Hunter, but it was long enough for my family to learn many virtues from him. The devastating disease, Mega Esophagus, disables a dog's ability to keep food down, and aspiration pneumonia, is the common, ultimate final blow.  This is what happened with Hunter.  Yesterday we had to let him go.  With the help of Dr. Woolley, Hunter crossed the bridge peacefully.  Hunter loved people and tennis balls, and was an extremely loyal dog. Thank you GRR for allowing us to adopt Hunter.  Thank you Hunter, for being in our lives. You now have access to all the tennis balls, you want.

We will miss you Hunter!  Until we meet again.

Lisa and Chuck Westergard

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