Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Ten years ago we were rescued by Harry --- Harry found us through Gold Ribbon Rescue.  We picked him up from a young foster family in Austin, he jumped into the backseat of our car and none of us ever looked back.

Harry was a great dog.  Everyone loved him but none more than Dave and I.  He was an “only child” until 2 years ago when we introduced him to Huck, his baby brother.  They became great friends and enjoyed playing and lying in the sun together. 

Harry turned 13 last July.  He had significant arthritis issues in his hips and spine.  We sought cold laser treatments and tried several medications that helped for a couple of years.  About a month ago, Harry was having a difficult day with labored breathing.  A vet visit and X-ray showed that he had significant fluid on his lung which we were told was likely due to cancer.  It broke our hearts to say goodbye to our boy.

Dogs become family as soon as they enter your life.  We are grateful for the time we had together.  Hank was a great dog.

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