Hailey and her Puppies

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number:  20-069 Hailey (Momma)

GRR Number: 20-070 Drambuie (Mr Black), blond male

GRR Number: 20-071 Kahlua (Miss Pink), blond female

GRR Number: 20-072 Kamora (Mr Green), blond male

GRR Number: 20-073 Sheridan (Mr Red), black male

GRR Number: 20-074 Midori (Miss Purple), black female

GRR Number: 20-075 Amaretto (Miss Yellow), black female

GRR Number: 20-076 Sambuca (Mr Blue), black male

Status: Available

Type of Surrender:  Owner surrender

Hailey and her seven puppies were surrendered because the owner was dealing with too many issues at home to have time to care for a mother dog and her puppies.  We received the phone call asking for help and a GRR volunteer rushed to pick up Hailey and her 3 ½ week puppies.  Fortunately, everyone is healthy, doing well and being, well puppies!!    They are starting to play amongst the pack when not constantly chasing after mom for a snack.  All of the puppies are absolutely adorable, healthy and enjoying puppyhood.

Hailey is a great mother, approximately 18 months old and has a typical golden personality.  The surrendering owner reports that “dad” is a lab who was the next-door neighbor.

Stay tuned for more information as they grow and get closer to being ready for adoption. Each one needs a loving family to grow up around.  Puppies will be ready to move to their adopting families November 14.

Puppies, puppies, puppies!


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