Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-055

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Adopted

Age: 11-12

Weight: 45

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Meet Gus, part of our Noble Four. Three are retired bomb-detection dogs, having worked to ensure your safety in the Houston Airport/Port Authority. Gus, whom you'll meet below, worked as one of those bomb detection dogs.

When they retired, they were welcomed into the home of their Search & Rescue trainer, easily melding in with the other dogs and cats in the home.   They had room to run and play, were kept in a fine kennel and able to mesh in as family in the home, kept up to date with vaccinations, and were given good quality food.

Unfortunately, their trainer had to move, but left them in the care of another Search & Rescue trainer who moved into the home.  More unfortunately, despite assurances that the dogs would live out the rest of their lives in the same comfort that they had, they were instead badly neglected - some at half the weight they should be. Some had tumors that had obviously never been looked at or cared for.  No medications for heart worm was given, so all are heartworm positive.  They were matted in feces and urine and had to be shaved down. Their skin condition was awful.  The list goes on.  They were the only four to survive; the other two were in such bad condition, their only hope was to cross the bridge.

Once the neglect came to light, the horrified owner immediately got her dogs into safety, evicted the so-called caretaker, and then moved heaven and earth to find safe haven for her dogs, enlisting the help of a good friend who has driven hundreds of miles to pick up the dogs and is working  closely with GRR and other rescues to make sure they land in a great place this time around

Personality: Gus is beginning to get used to his foster home. This is a whole different life for him. He is making great strides in the housebreaking area. He is nice and calm in the house except around mealtime! He has gone from being a nibbler to a dog that eats all his food when you put it down. He has a healthy appetite and is always eager to get his food. He is baby gated in the bathroom when left alone and prefers to sleep in his crate or the bathroom at night. He is happy and calm around children but has had no exposure to cats.

His foster mom hasn’t been able to get him to play with toys yet, but as he gets more comfortable those toys are looking more interesting. He doesn’t mind being brushed but absolutely hates baths! He hasn’t been around water he can swim in yet. He is great in the car.

Gus, besides having heartworm is being treated for ear infections. The vet has confirmed that poor Gus is deaf, but this doesn’t stop him from being a loving dog who loves to cuddle and follow one step behind you all the time. His foster family is working with him on visual commands. He does not believe in giving people their personal space because he wants to be part of it, even in the bathroom.

Gus is a Permanent Foster because of severe seizures, deafness and age. But these issues do not stop Gus from being a loving dog who enjoys cuddling and following one step behind his humans.  Gus’ foster family is committed to giving him a wonderful life no matter how long it will be.

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