Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Goose is an Extraordinary Golden because because he was a high-energy, untrained dog and needed professional Board and Train to set him up for success

GRR Number: 23-005

Type of Surrender: Foundling, San Antonio 

Status: Adopted

Age: 1

Update:  Happy, high energy, smart Goose was adopted on June 17.  His adopting family loves Goose and provides him lots of physical and mental stimulation.  They also give guidance and set consistent boundaries for this handsome, sweet, curious boy.


Personality: Goose has had a successful start in his foster home, his foster family reports ZERO potty accidents so far. When left alone for short increments of time, Goose has been crated some of the time, but also left to roam free (his foster family does note, they do NOT leave food items out on countertops when they are gone).  He hasn’t been around children yet, nor has he had the chance to interact with other dogs or cats at this time.

Goose does get excited to go for a ride in the car, starting off very energetic, then calming down about five minutes into the trip. When taking walks, initially Goose pulls, but then adjusts to walk alongside his human companion(s).  Goose likes to retrieve toys but does take his time in releasing them afterwards.  It has not been determined yet if Goose likes to swim as the opportunity has not presented itself.

Goose will get into the trash, with a preference for napkins and tissue paper.  He will beg for human food at first, but after a few minutes, he settles down. This good boy will tap the door with his paw when he needs to go outside, where he loves to play with his ball ALL the time! 

The main challenge for Goose currently is with visitors of any kind - he will jump on them over and over again (in a playful way) even nipping a bit here and there or grabbing at clothing.  In certain moments, his excitement seems to overwhelm him, and he becomes unruly for short periods of time.

During thunderstorms, Goose displays a calm demeanor.  At night, he does well. He likes to have a little petting for a minute or two, then will snooze in his bed until morning.  Goose does seem to have some skin allergies to shampoos and becomes very wiggly when being brushed or groomed.

Overall, Goose is a high energy, smart, playful, handsome young Golden who has lots of love to give. But he needs continued training and setting of boundaries.

Ideal Home: Goose spent two weeks in Board-and-Train where his trainer says very good things about him.  But he MUST have a family who will continue his training.  Goose is active so he will benefit from a home with people who live an active lifestyle to help match his exuberance and high energy levels. A home with older children or an active couple would be best.  Goose will need a family who is willing to stay one step ahead of this clever pup, while also being prepared to work through his jumping on people and teething knowing these behaviors will change with patience, love and training.



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