Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-015

Type of Surrender: Stray

Status: Undergoing Heartworm Treatment and ready apx July 1

Age: 7.5

Update:  March 14

Gatsby is a delightful companion who embodies charm and affection.  With his warm, inviting gaze and wagging tail, he effortlessly captures the hearts of all who cross his path.  Gatsby has a luscious Golden coat that seams to radiate sunlight.  He is the epitome of a handsome boy.  His fur is soft and invites caresses and cuddles.  Gatsby adores being close to his humans and revels in moments of quiet companionship as he nestles against them for warmth and affection. This gentle soul thrives on human interaction, displaying an unwavering love for people. Whether greeting old friends or making new ones, his friendly demeanor and easygoing nature make him a joy to be around. Gatsby possesses a serene disposition, preferring the tranquility of sitting by his beloved humans rather than seeking out excitement elsewhere. With his calm demeanor he remains remarkably low maintenance, content with the simple pleasures of life and requiring little to keep him happy.  Gatsby is not just a pet but will be a cherished member of his new family, a loyal companion whose presence brings warmth, comfort, and endless happiness to all who have the privilege of knowing him.  

Gatsby is a happy boy, very loving and follows his family members everywhere.  He is overall lower energy, sleeps through the night and enjoys short, daily walks.  He pulls on walks when he sees a rabbit but is manageable with a harness.  He is good with the foster’s dogs but generally ambivalent with them.


Personality: GRR would like to introduce the dapper Gatsby!  This handsome guy is quite the velcro dog with such devoted and soulful eyes.  So far, he has proven he is reliably house-trained, and when left alone for short increments of time, he is free to roam common areas of his foster home. He has not used a crate yet and he has not jumped up on anyone.  Gatsby sleeps through the night in the bedroom with his people on a dog bed or on the floor.  One thing Gatsby enjoys very much is FOOD!  He is a fairly fast eater, but has not shown signs of being protective of his food; however, he eats in a separate room from the resident dog for now, as he eats SO quickly!  Gatsby can be snappy when taking treats some of the time, but not always. 

Gatsby seems unbothered by the resident dog in his foster home; they will lie in close proximity, but mostly ignore each other.  Aside from that, he has not met any other dogs yet.  Since joining his foster family, Gatsby has not met any cats, gone for a swim, been around children, or experienced a thunderstorm.  He is reportedly quite calm in the house.  On his ride to his foster home, Gatsby did fine, but he might require a little boost when getting into the vehicle initially.  Gatsby does have a few areas where he needs to improve his manners, when walking on a leash he pulls some, and when he sees a squirrel he just can’t help but want to chase after it!  He will also try to snag food from the countertops (the temptation is just too much), so he will need to be redirected when those moments occur.

One thing to know about Gatsby, is that he will need a family willing to take him through treatment for Heartworms at GRR’s expense.  As a result, for now, due to keeping him on the calmer side, he hasn’t had a chance to play and retrieve a ball, frisbee, etc.  He can be a little wiggly when being groomed and has a medium energy level (for now).  Gatsby knows some commands, but will need a family who has time to devote to working with him as he progresses through his treatment to be heartworm-free. 

Ideal Home: Gatsby is a happy, sweet, loving boy who wants nothing more than to have a human companion right beside him at all times (if possible).  He loves being outside and watching squirrels, so a home where he can spend time outdoors would be nice for him.  But a cat-free home is a must for Gatsby. As Gatsby still has some room for growth in certain areas (such as walking on a leash with good manners) he will need someone who is able to control him, as he is pretty strong.  Overall, Gatsby is a sweet boy who needs consistency and a routine to truly shine.  Could your family be the perfect match for the great Gatsby?

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