Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 19-098

Type of Surrender: stray

Status: Adopted

Sponsorship:  Frankie is Co-Sponsored by, a Seattle-based  home services platform and Co-Sponsored by Nancy McGowan.

Personality: Platinum blonde fur as plush as whipped cream, sparkling candy-kiss eyes, and a killer smile: Frankie is so delectably pretty, it’s no wonder her foster family calls her “Frank-a-licious”!  Her personality is just as beguiling. She’s a cuddle bug, a social butterfly, a high-energy play-dog who, in classic puppy fashion, likes to go-GO-GO! until she suddenly conks out for a deep, soothing power nap. In fact, if you asked Frankie, she’d say she’s the luckiest girl going, with fun toys and lots of company and all the love a dog could want.

“As far as she’s concerned, there’s not a thing wrong with her. She’s a typical Golden… just adores company and wants to be near you. She greets us every morning like we’ve been separated for days. And she has another classic Golden trait—that familiar selective hearing,” says her foster mom Margaret. “She can hear the ice maker a mile away and comes galloping into the kitchen for a treat, but if you ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do, she suddenly goes deaf!”

So, what’s going on with her? Frankie came to us late in October, when a kind family found the tiny blondie wandering alone on the street. They scooped up the 10-week-old to bring her to safety, but could not keep her—so, before you could say “Gold Ribbon Rescue,” the perky 11-pounder was a stray no more and all set up in her GRR foster home. She took plenty of tumbles and her back legs kind of went every which way when she ran, but at first everyone just put it down to the usual puppy gawkiness.

Six weeks on, though, it was clear that something more serious was involved. Her back legs move in an odd turned-out way, her tail wags in a “low” position, and she sometimes knuckles under on her back feet, enough so to damage her toenails and the tops of her feet if she walks on pavement (but she can position her feet properly to balance when she potties).  After numerous exams, our vet determined Frankie has a congenital neurological condition affecting her spine or (less likely) her brain.  Unfortunately a few weeks later, Frankie began wheezing and excessive panting.  Tests confirmed that Frankie has Bilateral Laryngeal Paralysis and essentially both sides of Frankie’s larynx are paralyzed.  This leads to difficulty breathing, especially during hot/humid weather or heavy exertion.  We feel that her mobility issues and breathing issues are likely  congenital, neurological conditions.  Unfortunately for Frankie, there is not a good surgical option.

Frankie is a Permanent Foster as she has incurable neurological issues which affect her mobility and breathing.  And there may be other congenital issues which we have not yet discovered.  Frankie is currently a happy puppy and our goal is to keep Frankie comfortable and happy for as long as possible….hopefully she’ll have several months/years of quality life.  Frankie’s foster family is committed to giving Frankie a wonderful life no matter how long it will be. 



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