We adopted Emmett through GRR in the summer of 2010. He died March 12, 2018, aged about 13.

Emmett was a trail dog. He loved to lead the hike. I calculate we walked about 2500 miles together over the years: To Chicago and back again, but not so much this last year. 
Emmett liked to swim, too, and was especially fond of rushing water, which he would try to catch. He was a well-travelled gentleman who stayed in fancy hotels and walked the national mall. He swam in the Atlantic and the Gulf (all that rushing water!) and hiked the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge.
He was kind to cats and helped many foster kitties learn to get along with a dog. That was important work.
Mostly, Emmett was MY dog. My family's, too, but mostly mine.  I'm so grateful for the years we had together. I love you, Emmettla. Hope you are on a good trail. Thanks, GRR, for bringing us together.
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