From Dutchess' dad:

Sad news, my sweet pup Duchess (16-089) passed away yesterday. She was an absolute treasure to me and her family. We miss and love her — always will.

Her condition took a pretty quick downward turn. Her vet, Dr. Meyer, helped her get to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon. I was with her. 

When I first saw Duchess‘ photos, I knew she had to be mine. She became my best friend and life has been so sweet with her.  She has road-tripped to Colorado twice — even camped in Rocky Mountain National Park. Played in the snow and taken in sunrises from the mountains just above Fort Collins. She spent a day at the Port Aransas beach and hiked Pedernales Falls and the Lady Bird Trail at Town Lake.

Duchess loved Christmas morning and was the center of attention when opening gifts.  She loved to help bring in the groceries, as well as chase squirrels. Mostly though, she loved being with her people.

Now that she’s gone, I can see even more how big her presence was. She was the best pup—a one of-a-kind comfort and friend.

So thank you for rescuing her and choosing me to be her dog dad.


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