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In Loving Memory - Durango (11-035)

We adopted Durango in June 2011. He was about 1 1/2 to 2 years old. He was tall and lanky, had huge paws, big floppy ears and gorgeous amber colored eyes. We always said he had feet like a lion. When we had our meet, it was love at first sight and there was no question that he was meant to be our dog. Durango was our second GRR dog.

We brought Durango home and he fit right in from day one. He was very nervous and needed lots of confidence building. Luckily we were just the perfect home to help him come out of his shell. We had two other dogs and a cat at that time, so Durango instantly had new best buddies.

Durango blossomed into such an incredible boy who stole the hearts of everyone he ever met. We used ! to call him the “greeter” because he always had to make sure he said hello to everyone and that they had a chance to pet him. He absolutely loved to get dirty all of the time. I’m convinced it was mostly because he knew we’d spend hours grooming him to get him clean again. He loved being rubbed, brushed and generally pampered. He was truly at his happiest when he was just being petted and loved on.

Durango was the best car rider, loved to travel and go on adventures. He truly was the easiest dog we’ve had; aside from his occasional digging in the yard, he was the perfect boy. He always ate everything and anything you fed him. He was never picky. He had the sweetest personality and just knew he was there to be your best friend. He loved to play with his canine siblings (four other GRR dogs; Sedona, Juneau, Kona and Sitka) and would have played with Frisco (the kitty) had Frisco engaged.

Durango was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma in November, 201! 7. He endured two different courses of chemo and radiation ext! remely well and continued to live a wonderful quality of life. Sadly though, the cancer was too aggressive and continued to spread. Our sweet boy lost the battle on August 8th and crossed the rainbow bridge. We were fortunate to be with him at home, holding him as he lay in his dog bed, outside in the fresh air. Exactly as he would have wanted if he could have chosen.

Durango’s memories will live in our hearts forever and we will always get choked up when we reminisce about all of the joy he brought into our lives. Durango, we love you.

Michelle Goldberg and Bob Benson

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