Dillon (09-051) crossed the rainbow bridge on June 9, 2023. 

14 years ago our family decided it was time to adopt a dog. We were really surprised when GRR matched us with the little 3-legged puppy Dillon as there were so many families eager to adopt him. We will forever be grateful that we were chosen. Despite such a traumatic start to life, that beautiful soul of a puppy was always happy, trusting, loyal, and loving. Even at the end when his hind leg didn't work so well and his back was undoubtedly hurting he still smiled at us and wagged his tail incessantly. We had 14 amazing years with him.
Rest peacefully, puppy Dillon. May you run with boundless energy on 4 legs. May you chase many tennis balls and keep them all to yourself. May you take long walks and sniff interesting things for as long as you want. May you run and play with all your old dog friends. May you always know how much we love you and how lucky we were to be chosen as your family. Your sweet spirit will never be forgotten.
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