Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-044

Type of Surrender: Stray, San Antonio

Status: Available

Age: 1 yr

Weight: 50

Personality: Sweet Daisy was found stray in San Antonio in a known doggy dumping area! She followed everyone in the neighborhood and kind neighbors put food and water outside for her.  But Daisy clearly needed care, good food and human attention.  A Good Samaritan called GRR which is how Daisy became a GRR dog.   

Daisy is super gentle, very sweet and loves everyone -- humans and dogs.  She may jump up, but very gently and she is getting better as Daisy is a quick learner.    Daisy sits politely to get a treat and will catch a treat when tossed to her.  She LOVES playing with other dogs and wants to be friends with them.  She is playful with Markana, the foster family dog, who outweighs Daisy by 40 pounds.

Daisy is housebroken and has learned the convenience of the doggy door! She’s not fond of being crated so her foster family leave Daisy and the resident dog free-to-roam when left for short trips. She has a bit of a fear of the unknown but who can blame her considering how she was abandoned.

For being only 1 year old, Daisy is fairly low energy and enjoys hanging out with her humans.  She looks to humans for approval and engages when you talk to her by tilting her head as if she’s listening and trying to understand.  Because Daisy wants to please, she responds well to positive reinforcement.  Daisy has had limited exposure to children but was very sweet and patient with children she has been around.

Daisy plays gently with other dogs and wants to be friends with the household cat.  Unfortunately the resident cat hates dogs, so while Daisy wants to be friends, “no thanks” says the cat!  Daisy is definitely a lover and not a fighter.


Daisy will walk on the leash but needs more proper training in this regard. She has gained confidence in foster care and her playful, sweet personality shows more each day. She gets very silly and excited when you say her name in a high pitch voice, tries to dance with you if you jump around in a circle and greets you at the door with a full tail wag.  For Daisy, interacting with humans is her favorite thing to do.  Her house manners are excellent for a being only one.

The last thunderstorm sent Daisy to huddle on the couch with foster dad, but she didn’t panic or show any anxiety.

She is sleeping through the night on her own bed next to Mankana. She’s a bit wiggly when being brushed, but overall, she is fine and seems to enjoy grooming.

Daisy is sweet and fairly chill; however she can run like the wind, like Flash Gordon, if she sees something exciting! She has a great personality and is completely lovable. She is just happy to have a home and be part of a family.

Ideal Home:  While Daisy can be calm, she needs someone who will work with her on training, provide adequate daily exercise and continue to build her trust and confidence.  Daisy enjoys calm, quiet surroundings but needs regular exercise and mental stimulation.  Daisy will do well with a family who is willing to spend time with her as human interaction is very important to Daisy.  Kids 10 and older should be fine.  Daisy needs another dog with similar energy.  Could you be this gentle girl’s forever home?


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