Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-093

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 7

Personality: Meet GRR’s handsome, middle-aged, gentleman, Chief!  This boy LOVES attention and demands it often from his human companion(s)!  Chief is house-trained and it is reported that he has more energy than one would expect from a 7 year old Golden.  On average, Chief is left alone at home for several hours at a time, and he is not crate trained. So far, he remains loose when his foster family leaves and does just fine.  Chief does not jump up on people, and he takes his treats pretty gently…although he might accidentally use a little tooth here and there.  He is happy and calm around children, and he does not acknowledge the cat in his foster home.  In the car, Chief does well and stays calm.  He has not yet had the opportunity for a swim.

One thing that is important to know about Chief is that he is very much an Alpha dog.  He plays well with other dogs but will guard his ball or a toy, as well as his food.  In his foster home he eats separately from the other dog and behind a baby gate, which works well for him.  He enjoys food puzzles too!  Chief does great walking on a leash and sticks close to his human; every once in a while he might pull a bit if there is a really good smell he must investigate further!  This boy LOVES to fetch and retrieve - he will bring over a ball or toy to show it off, which is also how he asks for his human(s) to play fetch with him.  Indoors, Chief is calm, yet he wants constant attention…and might even be referred to as a Velcro Dog. He has lots of love to share!

Chief sleeps through the night and usually sleeps on the bed or next to the bed on the floor. He enjoys being brushed and loves to cuddle on the couch.  Recently, when he had to wear a “cone of shame” he creatively used it as a tool to play with a ball! So silly!  Chief is an enthusiastic and lovey guy who is always happy to meet new people, kids, and other friendly dogs.

Ideal Home: An ideal home for Chief is one where his family will have TONS of love and attention to share with him…and he will definitely provide those things to his family in return!  It is important that his family understands that he is insistent on attention, so they must be understanding of who he is.  He could live in a home with another dog, so long as that fellow canine is not also an Alpha dog.  Aside from that, for Chief, the more humans the merrier!  Could your family be the perfect match for this cuddle bug?


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