Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Charlie is an Extraordinary Golden  because he  was born with hip dysplasia requiring Total Hip Replacement surgeries.

GRR Number: 22-063

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Availale

Age: 1

Weight: 60

Update:  9/3: 

The Irresistible Charms of Charlie, a remarkable dog whose presence is a constant source of joy, laughter, and love. Charlie's sweetness is unparalleled. His soulful eyes, framed by soft, floppy ears, radiate an affection that's impossible to resist. His gentle nuzzles and warm, welcoming demeanor are like a comforting embrace on the toughest days.

But what truly sets Charlie apart is his incredible sense of humor. He has an uncanny knack for turning even the most ordinary moments into uproarious adventures. Whether it's his playful antics with squeaky toys or the comical way he tilts his head when you speak to him, Charlie's humor is infectious. Happiness is Charlie's middle name. His tail wags with such exuberance that it's like a perpetual celebration of life. His joyful barks are a symphony of positivity, reminding everyone around him to find happiness in the simplest of things. Charlie's love knows no bounds. His loyalty and devotion are unwavering, a constant reminder that he's not just a pet but a cherished member of the family. His warm snuggles and tender gaze speak volumes about the depth of his affection.

And when it comes to playfulness, Charlie is a master of the art. He's always up for a game of fetch, just not release. His zest for play is a testament to his youthful spirit. In the world of dogs, Charlie is a true gem, a bundle of sweetness, humor, happiness, love, and playfulness all wrapped up in a furry package. He brightens our lives every day and reminds us of the boundless beauty of having a four-legged friend like him by our side. 

He brings a wonderful fun and happy energy to the house. The fact that foster siblings Mylo and Bear both like him says a lot about the boy! 

Charlie continues to do well following his Total Hip Replacement surgery.  See his medical update in the 8/22 update below.


8/22 Update:

Drumroll:  Charlie had his follow up visit with his surgeon at CTVSEH and 7/28 and got a green light on his recovery!! His hip is in place and its strength is much improved.  He can start 20 minute walks twice a day and buildup to longer.  He’s even good to nicely wrestle with another nice, calm dog and again, slowly build up.   Charlie has been doing twice daily walks and playing with the foster’s two dogs (Golden and Pom) so he’s slowly strengthening his leg and stamina.  After living with a painful hip, Total Hip Replacement surgery and 3-month rehab with very strict exercise restrictions, Charlie is now enjoying the life he greatly deserves. 

Charlie has moved to his new foster home and is settling nicely, loves his twice-daily walks, sleeping dead-center in the foster’s bed and playing with his foster siblings (Golden and Pom).  Charlie has a great disposition, is sweet, happy and loving.  He enjoys a yogurt-filled kong for mental enrichment and eats from a slow-feeder bowl as he eats quickly.  Charlie can be petted all day as he craves human attention and cuddles. 

Charlie’s ideal home is one where someone is home part of the day and there is another nice, lower energy dog (or two dogs) that he can play with as Charlie thrives on people and dog companionship.  He needs twice daily walks to continue strengthening his leg and building overall muscle.  An adults-only home or a family with older children is fine.  He needs a family who appreciates how far he has come with his hip issue and is committed to continue strengthening exercise, maintaining a proper weight and monitoring for any future leg issues.  Charlie is not a dog you can leave alone all day or let him simply play in the backyard for exercise.  Charlie is a sweet, loyal boy who will be your forever companion.  Could you be Charlie’s forever home?


 6/20 Update

Charlie’s x-rays show that his leg is continuing to heal properly, is doing well and he should continue his exercise restrictions.  This means that Charlie spends his inside time in an x-pen and goes outside leashed for potty breaks in the backyard and smelling plants along the way.  He’s a young, active dog so he has mental stimulation (lick-pads, stuffed kongs, etc) activities in his x-pen.   Charlie enjoys watching Bud the cat through his x-pen.

 Charlie Update May 17:

Sweet Charlie, with bad hips, is recovering from his second hip surgery. That’s right, a second surgery was needed. After the first one, the hip popped out of socket just two weeks later so a revision was needed. Charlie is recovering with a new foster since the previous one had several extended vacations that they were not able to change and would not be available to provide consistent care for him. We appreciate the care and love they gave him and know he will be missed.

 Meet Charlie who is a bundle of love and floof!

Charlie came to us through an owner surrender. Happy and calm with kids, crate-trained, house-broken, unbothered by thunderstorms, gentle taking treats, and loves cuddles. Perfect pup!  Well, maybe not so perfect after all. You see, Charlie was born with hip dysplasia which is a disorder that has progressively gotten worse. As much as he wants to run, play fetch, and just be a silly puppy, he cannot. He is very unsteady on his legs, needs to be kept quiet and spends most of his time lying about. Imagine being a puppy and NOT being able to do all of the things a healthy puppy enjoys!

To give Charlie the life he deserves, he had THR (Total Hip Replacement) surgery. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. The ball is at the top of the thigh bone (femur), and the socket (acetabulum) is in the pelvis. Total hip replacement surgery removes and replaces both the ball and socket with prostheses. Most canine hip replacement prostheses have a metal ball at the top of the femur that fits into a dense plastic socket.  THR surgery rehabilitation takes three months.

Charlie had hip replacement surgery on March 30. The surgery went well but the surgeon said the fit was really tight and due to the structure, he might need to also have the other hip done. He had been recovering but yesterday Charlie woke up and would not put weight on the leg so he went back to the surgeon who said the hip had popped out. She said this was a concern they had since the fit in the hip was so tight due to Charlie's structure and he will need a revision surgery which he had May 2.

We are now one week post op from his second surgery and Charlie is making progress.  Charlie's Foster mom is using his harness and a sling to help support him for short, s l o w walks to potty as he is not to put weight on his leg.  He is doing well so let's keep paws crossed he continues to make progress.  Be patient Charlie as we'll have you running soon.  Stay tuned for updates on Charlie's journey. 

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