19-103C Cedar was one of our China Goldens that arrived in our care November 2019.   Unfortunately Cedar had a transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) which was cancerous.  She was treated extensively and was doing well until recently.  Here is Cedar's story from her adopting family:

Cedar crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  We loved her so much and did everything we could to give her the best life ever.  She was so special and I’m so glad she was part of our lives even though I feel her time was too short.  I wanted to say thank you for bringing her to me from China! I learned so much and will continue to rescue another golden in her memory. 
Thank you for all you and Gold Ribbon do. 

Cedar was a fighter till the end.  I’m not sure if it was cancer that finally got her.  She had many things but nothing she could not conquer.  After the TVT she had two mammary tumors removed a year later and we see the oncologist for regular check ups.  Then in August she had her stomach twist.  Almost lost her.  Then about two weeks ago she started having seizures.  On Sunday she had a stroke.  We tried for the last 4 days to get her thru the gray zone and thought  she would be ok but another seizure/stroke took her today.  Again I can’t thank you enough for her. 

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