Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-078

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In – Leander

Status; Available

Age: 8

Weight: 110 - ideal weight: 90-95 pounds

Personality: This big boy' was surrendered because his owner no longer afford or have the time to care for Buddy after she went back to school. He’s readjusting to the next chapter in his life at a wonderful foster home until he meets his forever family. He is completely housebroken and is not being crated. He gets to stay in the house when his family is gone in the master suite. Cameras in the house have shown that he is perfectly well-behaved alone. He sleeps through the night with no midnight requests to go out.

Buddy is happy and calm around children, doesn’t jump up on people, but hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting a cat yet. He doesn’t seem particularly interested in the other dogs in the house, although they get along just fine. After an initial growl or two between them, everyone was fine. He’s learned that it is okay to share attention with the other dogs and there are enough snacks and toys for everybody!

He’s nice and calm in the car, but needs a boost to get in. He’s nice on the leash with no pulling. He’s not big into playing ball…one or two chases is enough for him. He hasn’t shown an interest in the pool at his foster home, except for drinking the water from it!

As far as Buddy’s inside behavior, he is very calm and well-behaved. He doesn’t chew on anything inappropriate and plays with various toys in the house. His favorite thing to do is nap, but when he’s not sleeping, he’ll toss a toy around or solicit pets. He loves to go to the park and sit and observe other people and dogs. He’s very polite and relax when meeting a new doggy. In fact, Buddy is so chill that his foster mom discovered he is a fan of classical piano music - looked up and saw him peacefully dosing off to some Rachmaninoff playing on my phone! (See his picture relaxing while relaxing to the music.)

When he does have a toy, he loves to show it off, especially first thing in the morning or when foster mom comes home. He will release the toy when asked. And grooming? Nice and calm and likes it soooooo much!

Buddy is very sweet and loving and is pretty low energy. He’s getting much more relaxed in the house and has stopped trying to dart out the front door. Oh, and besides toys, he likes to carry around shoes and socks, but doesn’t chew on them.

Buddy needs a family who will continue to walk/exercise him and maintain his diet.  He was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism so is taking a daily thyroid med.  This should also help Buddy lose weight.

Ideal home: Buddy would do well in a home with another chill dog or two, but would be fine as an only dog, too. A family who would like to take him for walks would be great so that he can get and stay in shape. He would love someone who would brush him frequently since he loves it so much…he practically purrs! Although needing the exercise, he would happy just hanging out with his humans, including snuggling on the couch.

Buddy is a sweetheart.


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