Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-093

Type of Surrender: Bryce is one of the November Turkey Dogs

Status: Available

Age: 5-6

Personality: Bryce’s foster mom brags about how cute and sweet he is. He has a great desire to spend a lot of time in the yard on squirrel patrol and is having some training to help redirect his focus just a bit. He is very inquisitive and a true sweetheart.

When he was in Turkey, Bryce had to have surgery on his knee and as a result, an additional surgery was required after he arrived in TX. He has recovered from that surgery and loves to run be very active. 

Bryce is reliably housebroken and is allowed to roam free in the house. He’s very well behaved when left alone. He hasn’t been observed around children and is not able to live in a home with cats. For the most part, he is fairly good on the leash but needs some continued work on leash walking as well as basic obedience commands. He plays well with his Golden foster brother but is still learning and sometimes plays a bit rough. He can be redirected very well and is a quick learner. 

Inside the house, Bryce has been known  to make a game of picking up clothes off the floor and running off with them to his bed or the backyard. His foster mom finds this rather cute. He also likes to take his stuffies into the yard. He has not shown any destructive behavior with his “goodies”. 

Bryce sleeps quietly through the night. He is a bit nervous during thunderstorms but remains calm and likes to cuddle to feel safe. He likes to chase the ball but isn’t into bringing it back yet! If he does, he won’t drop it. “My ball!” His foster mom is working on his giving up toys. While being groomed isn’t his favorite past time he tolerates it as he knows it’s essential to maintain his stunning good looks. 

Bryce is super friendly and has a pretty good energy level, and is also content to just hang out with his folks and follow them around. He likes to put his head in a warm lap, letting it be known that he wants loving! He’s so adorable!

Ideal Home: Bryce will likely be good fit in almost any home; without cats and young children. He does well with other nice dogs however is still learning appropriate play. He will do best where someone is home some during the daytime and will ensure he has appropriate outlets for his energy and curious mind. He needs a yard with a solid 6ft fence. Chain link or shorter fences will not suffice given Bryce’s love to chase and jump for squirrels. Note that Bryce should maintain a low to normal body weight and moderate level of activity life long.




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