Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-102

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 2

Weight: 74

Personality: Gorgeous Bruno’s original family had a need to rehome their beautiful dog, so now he is part of the GRR family, just waiting for his new, forever home. Having come from a nice home, he is already reliably housebroken and is learning to signal when he has to go out. He REALLY is not fond of a crate,  and he should not be crated. He’s not the least bit destructive and usually sleeps when he is left alone. He is free roam about the house with the bedroom doors closed and a night he sleeps all the way through till morning.

Bruno hasn’t had a lot of interaction with other dogs in his foster home, but he is great on his walks when he sees other dogs. He just stops and stares and doesn’t exhibit any aggressive behavior. He was fine with a puppy he met at the vet’s office. Bruno does pull a bit on his leash on these walks and wants to go where he wants to go, but the family is working on this. Bruno is also fine as a car passenger.

He is mostly “chill” inside the house. He loves to run around the backyard. He’s only destructive with his own toys, but he will nibble on pillows or blankets if he thinks he’s being snubbed in the attention department! Poor Bruno is one of those Goldens who is very thunderphobic, making him pant and pace the house. A Thunder Shirt might work well for him or letting him find a safe place like a closet to huddle in to make his fear manageable.

Bruno loves playing tug of war with his toys, whch causes him to be a little mouthy. His foster mom is working on this with him.. He is a nice and calm when he’s being groomed – feels good like being petted!

His energy level is medium-high to average. He’s very outgoing and is not shy about going up to anyone to ask for pets. He definitely needs a routine that includes plenty of exercise and time. He is a very good boy and is finally learning he doesn’t have to be in the same room with his foster mom ALL the time!

Bruno has a bit of a phobia about going through doorways, especially outside to inside. His foster family is working on a touch command that will make more comfortable as he enters the door.

Bruno’s cutest trait is that he leans into you for pets and tries to shake your hand a lot, as can be seen in one of his photos below.

Ideal Home: The ideal home for Bruno is one that is patient and ready to give him lots of love as well as continued training and patience. One phrase that keeps coming up from his foster family is that Bruno is “such a good boy.” He’d probably thrive in a home with no younger children. Teenagers who will know not to push him too much would be fine. His new home should probably be one without cats.

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