Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-039

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In Cibolo

Status: Available

Age: 1

Personality: Bronx is a young Golden who is as handsome as he is energetic! So far, he has been l living his best life with his current foster family. When left alone for several hours at a time, Bronx goes into his crate without issue. He has only had one accident in the house and does well with frequent opportunities to go outside. Bronx exuberantly greets the 12-year-old in his foster family but will calm down fairly quickly.  He has also met the foster family’s cats and showed interest in them until one of the cats gave him a swat on the nose, which has deterred further investigation. He loves his foster family’s other dogs and is grateful to have playmates but responds well when he gets a bit overzealous and they put him in his place.

Bronx is a great traveler, in the car he laid quietly and didn’t have any issues.  He has not had the opportunity for a walk with his foster family yet, so his leash walking skills have yet to be assessed.

Bronx loves to retrieve a ball but doesn’t always bring it back right away. He will, however, bring over all the toys in the house, even stealing toys from the other dogs to create quite the collection. He through the night, he might stir or whimper if he hears the humans get up but will settle back down quickly.

An area that Bronx’s foster family is working on is his jumping. He is reportedly very light-footed and will also counter surf if the opportunity presents itself. Additionally, he loves to shred paper if he gets his paws on some and has had a few incidents with chewing on items in the house. However, Bronx is very trainable and wants to please.

His foster family reports that he has the softest fur – it is spectacular! He did not seem concerned with weather/thunderstorms recently and did not mind being groomed either.

Bronx is an outgoing, high-energy puppy.  He will calm down but does require ample exercise and play to do so.  His foster family feels that with some training, consistency, and daily activity he will be an amazing member of his forever family.

Ideal Home: Bronx needs a home where his humans can provide lots of love, attention, and EXERCISE!  He is fine around children, cats, and other dogs. He is a typical “textbook” young golden pup with a wonderful personality. With an active lifestyle, consistent training, and lots of laughs, Bronx will most definitely flourish in his future home.

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