I’m writing with sad news this morning but I felt like GRR needed to know.  Bentley, (AKA Samwise), passed over the rainbow bridge late last night from late stage lymphoma. He went down really quickly in a couple of days so it was kind of a surprise. We knew he was sick but we were not prepared to lose him. 

When I adopted him from you guys five years ago, I was very palpably lonely and single. He rescued me like I rescued him. He’s been by my side ever since. Literally, following me around everywhere.  He saw me through losing my very best friend of 25 years, family loss, Covid, loss of my job, multiple surgeries of mine, I’m not sure how to move on without him.  He was such a beautiful dog and had such a sweet genuine smile. You guys gifted me with such a special creature. He worked with some of my special-needs autistic kids at my clinic and helped them with so much.  He love to go on the Greenbelt and swim and play with his friends. He loved to ride in the car and go places. He loved every creature on the planet and everybody loved him. He was completely obedient even off leash without a day of training in the world. He just wanted to please everybody all the time. He was so beautiful. Inside and out. And I just wanted to thank you guys for giving him to me and to let you know that he truly changed my life.

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