Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-031

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 8-12 months

GRR’s Bellini is quite a peach!  This young lady is slowly making progress while gaining confidence in herself and her surroundings, but she is as sweet as they come.  Bellini is reliably house-trained, having only an accident or two when she first arrived in her foster home. Thus far, she has not been left alone, nor has she been put into a crate, and she has not been exposed to cats or kiddos.  Bellini is not one to jump up on people; she is a bit timid around new humans at first. She is not bothered by thunderstorms and sleeps through the night- originally she was sleeping on the floor in the bedroom of her home, but has graduated to sleeping on the comfy bed with both her canine and human companions!

Bellini is a gentle treat-taker who LOVES to play and wrestle with one of the resident dogs in her foster home. She will need a family who is willing to teach her the ropes of a day-to-day spoiled Golden life.  When there has been an attempt to go on a walk, Bellini plops down and refuses to move (she doesn’t seem to fully understand), but she is taking baby steps to walk a little at a time when leashed in the backyard. She rides calmly in the car and needs a little assistance to get in and out for now. When it comes to her meals, Bellini is not protective of her food, in fact, she can be quite the lady and sometimes doesn’t finish her bowl.  At the same time, there are some puppy moments, and Bellini will counter-surf for delicious things like chicken or salmon. She responds well to the word “off” when these instances occur and gets down.

While she is not retrieving yet, Bellini does show interest in toys, especially when one of the other dogs starts to play. She enjoys chewing on bones and loves to play chase (she will chase you and vice-versa) outside in the yard.  Each day, she is growing less timid and more sure of herself- she even has taken one of the resident pup’s spot sitting up on the couch recently!

Ideal Home: Bellini’s ideal home would be one where her human(s) have lots of time to work with her on some of the “basics”, while also helping her to learn and encouraging her to be confident in herself. She really enjoys the company of other dogs, so she would love to have a canine companion in her home, if possible.  This Golden Girl is described as sweet, gentle, affectionate, and curious.  Could your family be the perfect fit for Bellini?


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