Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-081

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available in April

Age:  4

Weight: 90

Bella is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment. She'll be ready for adoption in April. She’s mostly house trained, with an occasional little piddle here and there. His foster parents are giving her more time and interaction outside to help with the problem.

When no one is home, she stays with her the other dog in the home, Honey, in the home office, but she isn’t left home alone very often. At night she sleeps near one of her humans. It takes her a bit to settle down to sleep at night but does sleep soundly through the night. She is very mellow-happy with children with no jumping or high energy actions…just tail wags.

Bella’s only interaction with other dogs have been with Honey, the other Golden in the home. They absolutely adore each other and starting to play together. So far there has been no rough housing or bumping. The household has 2 cats and Bella shows an interest in them but she hasn’t really connected with them yet. The kitties keep their distance but are beginning to lose their fear. In fact, one of them will bump nose with her and they go outside together and lay next to each other.

During her first trip in the car Bella had to be pushed, prodded, and boosted in. She was nervous at first then just started watching the scenery go by. She hasn’t had much leash time yet but did not pull when taken into the vet’s office.

Currently, Bella is more interested playing tug and keep away with her toys rather than retrieving!

She is unsupervised in the house and she does love to root through the trash and tear up paper. She snatches other things but readily gives them up when asked.

As far as her energy level Bella can be described as Happy-Mellow. She settles quickly and isn't ever hyper. She jogged a few steps to the back door once, at feeding time. No other fast moves, though; other than dodging Archie's paw. That was a fun story. Bella wasn't paying attention where she was going, and Archie was lying in the kitchen waiting for his treats. Bella stepped on him (big paws!), and Archie protested loudly. Bella startled and then quickly turned to see what was going on. Archie was about halfway up, and still grumbling. Bella went over and checked to see if he was okay, and Archie swatted at her with a soft paw, no stickers. She pulled away quickly! She then thought he wanted to play, but quickly learned he wasn't kidding around. He finally got up, swished his tail in her face, and moseyed over to the couch where he wouldn't get stepped on. A good lesson for them both!

Ideal Home: Bella would probably love to have another dog in her forever home for her to play with. She gets on fine with cats, too. She would really be an ideal companion for any family. Could that family be yours?

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