Beau, #14-081, passed away on September 1, 2015. Here are a few thoughts and memories of his time with me.

Beau was happiness on four legs. Perhaps the best way to describe Beau was that he understood he was a dog, and really enjoyed being one.

He unconditionally loved everyone and became a favorite at the dog park and where he would circulate until he had visited everyone, human or canine. Then it was time to find a nice stick to chew on.

He loved to amble along the paths, stopping frequently to investigate something that smelled interesting. At first, this was a little frustrating to me because I wanted to keep walking, but learned to let Beau set the pace and just mosey along with him. Our walks became the most relaxing part of the day.

He loved popcorn, hackberry leaves and sticks. His favorite sticks were pecan limbs about an inch or so wide, which he would slowly chew into small pieces.

He had one strange habit - pushing doors open or closed to see what was behind them.

Two or three times he got himself trapped in the front bedroom because the door only opened inward. Beau’s solution: take a nap until he was rescued.

He was a big boy, about 100 pounds when he was rescued, and could be a little stubborn, suggesting there was a little Great Pyrenees in his background.

He had seizures, mast cell cancer and spinal problems, but his personality stayed true until shortly before his passing, when he let me know it was time. He was a trusted friend and companion and I always felt safe when he was around.



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