Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-008

Type of Surrender: Stray

Status: Available

Age: 18-24 months

Personality: GRR would like to introduce the happy and handsome Bear!  This creamy Golden boy was found as a stray and is adjusting well to the good life of being adored and fussed over.  Bear is fully potty trained, and sleeps well through the night without issue. Bear sleeps in his crate both at night and when he is left home alone.  He is learning that his crate is a safe, cozy spot for him, as when left to roam when alone, he got a bit anxious and chewed some blinds.  So far, Bear hasn’t had any interaction with children, but he seems comfortable when they’re nearby.  Bear is a bit of a jumper, but perhaps he was taught this and he is responding well to being redirected to keep his paws on the floor. Due to being a bit jumpy, in a puppy sort of way, he might unintentionally knock over small children. Although, he is truly a gentle giant (with no sense of personal space) and loves all humans who will give him attention.

When it comes to treats, Bear is not highly motivated, he will compliantly sit before you give him anything, so he in turn, takes treats gently and slowly.  On walks, Bear uses a harness and is a bit of a puller (for now). With time and continued practice, this should improve.  Bear loves a ride in the car and will stick his head out the window to enjoy the fresh air.  He loves to tag along for all sorts of trips or errands, if permitted. As he is the only dog in his foster home, Bear recently was able to have his first playdate- he loved it!  He enjoyed chasing, running, and the canine camaraderie. He loves to fetch, he will even bring the ball back, yet he is still working on releasing the ball for it to be thrown again.  Bear hasn’t gone for a swim in a pool yet, but he did enjoy a dip in a small outdoor pond at a family member’s home - he really loved the water! 

Bear is a perfect mix of silly puppy energy and cuddly couch potato!  He is currently kept active throughout the day, which leads to him being a lovebug in the evenings and at night.  He recently was unaffected by a thunderstorm and permits having his paws wiped when coming in from the rain/mud, although he might be tad wiggly!  Bear loves playing with all the toys- ropes, a ball, bones and more; he carries them around proudly, and he thinks everything is a game.  He is described as being average to outgoing and seems to match the energy of his people. As he is still a puppy by Golden standards, it is important for Bear to get plenty of daily exercise through walks and backyard play.

Ideal Home: Bear is the quintessential Golden Retriever.  He is sweet, playful, energetic, and happy.  He would do well in a home where his family can share a great deal of their time with him and take home along for the ride- whether to the mailbox or on a road trip!  While he is sweet and gentle, Bear will need training to ensure he minds his manners; he is very willing to learn and loves the attention that accompanies learning new things.  He would thrive with a fellow canine companion as well.  Could your family be the perfect match for Bear?

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