Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-051

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 4

Meet Balboa, yes, as in Rocky!  This auburn-colored Golden boy is full of energy much like his namesake. 

Balboa has not had any accidents in the house and is crated when he is left alone. It is reported that he is comfortable in his crate and will sometimes even crate himself for a nap or at bedtime!  Balboa reportedly has “puppy energy” – meaning he will play, and play, and play until he crashes and takes a nap for a few hours. Then, once he is rested and rejuvenated, he is ready to play again!! Playing with or fetching a ball is his absolute FAVORITE thing, and he is improving greatly with dropping the ball after retrieving it.  This boy is very athletic but does need his human companion(s) to step in at times to keep him from exhausting himself.  Balboa will keep you laughing, as he enjoys playing with toys all by himself at times…he will run back and forth tossing a toy into the air then catching it!

Balboa is described by his foster family as the most loveable, silly, and smart guy.  He does not jump up on people, and it is noted that he is incredibly gentle when taking treats.  On a walk, sometimes Balboa will pull initially, but quickly calms down and is easily redirected when he begins to pull.  He has shown an interest in children while out on walks, and he will calmly say hello to them.  At this time, he has not been exposed to cats.  Balboa has had only a few interactions with other dogs – on a walk, he will watch and observe.  He has been slightly reactive (growls) if a dog passes too closely to him but is controllable in those moments.  In the car, Balboa does well, usually just laying down in the back seat.  During thunderstorms, Balboa is calm.  He is not too keen on getting into pools of water so far but loves to play in the water hose!

When he is not outside fetching the ball, Balboa is a perfect gentleman indoors.  He likes to watch TV and relax with his people.  He loves to join his human(s) on the couch or, if allowed, he will climb right into your lap!  At feeding times, Balboa has excellent manners, he will politely sit and wait until he is told he can eat.  He is learning basic commands too.  When it comes to bath time, Balboa will endure a bath for a short time, but after that he tries to scoot away; however, he doesn’t mind being brushed.  Balboa does need his human companion(s) to step in at times to ensure that he does not overdo it in the areas of playing fetch until he is overly exhausted AND with drinking way too much water at one time. With minor redirection (a verbal command) there has been no issues, but it is something to be aware of.

Ideal Home: Balboa will do best in a home with an active family that can devote time to his walks, to playing with him, and who can keep up with his energy!  He loves a good ear scratch, loves extra scratches on his belly and most importantly, he loves to be around his people!  At this time, while Balboa seems okay with some calm dogs he has encountered, he will do best as the only pet in his household. This loveable and loyal pup needs lots of exercise each day, but also demands tons of love and cuddles!  Could your family be the perfect match for Balboa?

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