Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-051

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 4

Update: August 18, 2023

Loving, Playful, Sweet and Loyal is how Balboa’s foster mom describes him. 

Balboa is settling into his foster home and enjoying life.  He loves face, chin and ear scratches while staring lovingly at you with his beautiful brown eyes.  Balboa is playful and goofy which will makes you laugh every day.  He sleeps in his crate all night, enjoys car rides and is a good walker on leash.  Balboa loves to play fetch in the backyard but needs work on returning the ball to you.

Balboa is calm, not destructive, inside.  He is happiest cuddled with his humans on the couch so we suspect he’ll enjoy fall football games and movies on TV.  He’s smart and treat-motivated --- Balboa has learned to sit and wait before rushing out the door for walks, wait for the signal to eat and is starting to pick up on other commands such as "leave it" and "drop it.”  A favorite game for mental enrichment is “Find It” where the foster hides treats and Balboa finds them. 

Ideal Home: Balboa is learning how to play and accept other nice, calm dogs but would be best in a single pet household with a family that has time to spend with him.  While Balboa can be left, he’d enjoy a home where someone is home much of the day since he so very much loves to be with people.


Meet Balboa, yes, as in Rocky!  This auburn-colored Golden boy is in the process of learning and growing much like his namesake.

Balboa is working on his housebreaking skills and has not had any accidents yet, but his foster family keeps a close watch in the house for now. His foster family is also utilizing a crate for him at this time while he is alone and he doesn’t mind too much.  Balboa is a high energy boy who enjoys playing with or retrieving a ball or toy but is not keen on dropping or releasing it yet!

Balboa is a healthy pup who LOVES to eat and will excitedly bounce around in a Tigger-like fashion when his dinner is being prepared; yet, he is not protective of his food.  It is reported that he is a world-renowned counter surfer and will help himself to any food left on the countertops.  He enjoys treats and is working on taking them from people more gently.  At this time, he has not been around other dogs, but he is reactive when he hears other dogs through fences on a walk- he will bark with his hackles up.  With some repeated exposure and practice, this should improve, as it is reported that he can be quickly redirected in these situations.  Balboa sleeps well through the night and is a bit of an early bird in the mornings.  He did some panting and pacing during a recent storm but was soothed once a t-shirt was put on him, and a blanket was placed over his crate.  Balboa didn’t seem too interested in the water hose and has not yet been exposed to a pool for swimming.  It is also not known how he will react to cats at this time. He is a bit of a chewer, so providing him with supervision in the house, then some items that ARE appropriate for chewing would be ideal!

This handsome boy does well on a leash and responds to directional cues. He pulls some at first, but quickly finds his groove and prefers to walk on his human’s left side!  He knows his name and how to “sit”, he is working on dropping toys when told, and has been a gentleman about waiting to get on the couch until invited; he is making great progress.  Balboa likes to share his affection for people with LOTS and LOTS of kisses on peoples’ hands and faces, and he enjoys getting a loving scratch under his chin. He is quite a character and will toss his toys into the air for himself out in the yard while running back and forth!

Ideal Home: Balboa will do best in an active household with lots of attention and a family that will include him in their day-to-day activities.  He is incredibly sweet and really wants to please his people but should probably be the only dog in the home.  This boy is learning so much and responding quickly to training. He will continue to make great progress with consistency and routine. Persistence is key after all!  Could you be the forever family for Balboa?

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