Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-080

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In – Kyle

Status: Available

Age: 8

Weight: 81

Personality: So far, 8-year-old August appears to have the makings of a wonderful companion for some lucky family. He is very reliably house trained, therefore there is no need to crate him. He has been left home alone with absolutely no issues.

August doesn’t jump up on people, loves other dogs, and is an amazing car rider. He’s eager to get in the car and lays down quietly till it’s time to get out. He’s a zigger and zagger on the leash but has not received much training on that yet. As far as inside the house goes, he has displayed no bad habits…his behavior is amazing. He sleeps all the way through the night. He’s also very good about being groomed. What a perfect dog!

He carries toys around with him but is happy to give it to you when he’s asked. He has needed to wear a cone for the last week, but it doesn’t seem to bother him, although he looks a little pathetic! What a trooper.

He will let his family know when it’s time to eat in the morning with a soft little woof. If that doesn’t work, the woofs gradually get louder until he has to break out the “get of bed” bark. He’s so adorable.

Ideal Home: August would likely love another dog in the home, but it isn’t essential. Since August is a big boy, his family needs to be steady on their feet and able to handle a big dog. He loves people, but he does fine for a few hours at home by himself. Be prepared for him to want to sleep in your room. If he’s invited, he’ll get on the furniture and lay his head in your lap. The more people to love on him the better.


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