Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-041

Type of Surrender: Lockhart Animal Shelter

Status: Available

Age: 1

Weight: 25

Personality: This little “pocket Golden” is about as sweet as she can be. Arizona is adjusting to life in her foster home, preparing for some wonderful family to take her in forever.

She is pretty well housebroken, with one or two accidental poops in the house. These are getting fewer are farther between. Arizona is getting to know the cats in the house. Perhaps a little jealousy has made her snap a couple of times, but all is well.

Arizona likes to ride in the car…in the front like a big girl! She pulls a bit on the leash but using a gentle lead helps tremendously. She’s not into retrieving, at least yet, but likes to carry toys around. She will sometimes bring the toy to you. She won’t drop it but will allow it to be taken from her mouth. She hasn’t been around water for swimmies yet, however, she HATES the sprinklers!

Arizona is left in the house alone, with the bedrooms blocked off. She has done some taste testing on chair legs and window blinds, but nothing too extreme. At night she sleeps all the way through till morning.

Regarding Arizona’s energy and activity level – she is very sweet and loving, sometimes a little shy at first but soon warms up. She loves to walk and pick up things along the way, so she needs to be watched closely. In the house she is active but also is happy to lay right beside someone or even cuddle.

She’s come a long way since she has been fostering. She is so smart and loves to please. Arizona is a great little dog and with some more training she will really thrive in the right home.

Ideal Home: Because of her petite size, Arizona would be great for someone looking for a smaller dog or has a smaller fenced yard.Arizona would do well in a house with someone home either all or most of the time at least until she can adjust. She is ok with other animals but a home with maybe one dog that is not to overpowering or as an only dog. She has done well with the dog in her foster home but too many animals would overwhelm her. Time and patience are what she needs. She is young and still learning, finding her place in the world.

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