On January 17, 2024, Alex (Alexander 09-173) crossed over the rainbow bridge.  We met Alex at the home of foster parents Pam and Dean Phillips. As we sat on the loveseat getting to know Alex, he crawled into the lap of my husband, to my left, squirmed his way across both our laps, rolled over onto his back, turned his head to his side almost 180 degrees, and looked up at me.  From that moment, we knew he was a special dog.  And from that moment, he owned our hearts.

One of th early GRR online posts about Alex when he was up for adoption read, “Zing! Zang! Zoom! Boing! Bounce!  Oh … did I just knock someone over?  Is that person saying something??  Oh Well… Jump! Twirl! Charge! Leapl!”  That post was an apt description of Alex’s exuberance, which was on display on his first visit to our home when he took a bounding leap up our back patio steps straight into . . . our hot tub!  Alex’s energy and enthusiasm never waned, but as years passed his antics took a toll, and he developed spinal arthritis.  He never lost his zest for life, but after nearly 16 years (14+ in our home), his body could go no further.

We cared for him almost full time this last year, and his absence leaves a hole we will never fill. Words cannot express our deep appreciation to GRR and Pam and Dean for allowing us to know and enjoy the spirited life force that was Alexander.  We will always love you, Alex.  To call you special seems inadequate.  You were Alexander the Great . 

Jane and Jerry Noble

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