Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-019T

Type of Surrender: Turkey Dog

Status: Available Soon

Age: 6-7

Weight: 84

Personality: Welcome to America and Texas, Akins! Akins has a lot of new things to get used to here, but so far so good. Two weeks into his stay at his foster home, he is house broken and is so well behaved he doesn’t need to use a crate. He’s free to roam a certain section of the house when he’s left alone and is usually sound asleep when his family gets home.

Akins is happy and calm with the kids in the home, asking for pets, love and attention. He has not met a human he doesn’t like. He doesn’t jump up on people and although he takes his treats rather quickly, he’s starting to learn the word “gentle.” Akins puts up with the other dog in the house but would rather hang out with people or chase squirrels than play with the dog. He does bark at and chase the household cats.

Akins is calm in the car and sits quietly on the floor. He’s a big boy and pulls some on the leash. He’ll definitely need training because he does love to walk. They have tried his walks with a harness and he is much better with that. He hasn’t done much in the way of chasing a ball and retrieving, largely because he much prefers squirrels! He hasn’t been around water yet to see how his swimming skills are.

Akins sleeps at night very well and prefers to stay downstairs by himself. He has picked out a particular corner that he finds cozy, so his family made him his only personal “bedroom” within that corner. He has learned to sit and stay, although the “stay” isn’t very long yet.

He likes to hold toys but letting it go when asked is an on and off thing. Akins is so very calm with people because he loves attention. His favorite things are walks and, yes, chasing the squirrels. He does tend to bark continuously at said squirrels, so he is quickly leashed and brought in.

Ideal Home: Akins needs a home with people who are home and will take him places as he needs attention. Older kids are fine. He just loves to be around people. He’d probably do well with a mellow dog companion who is willing to just hang out with Akins rather than romp and play. A home with cats is not recommended. Akins is the sweetest dog and deserves nothing less than the best possible home.

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