Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 24-034

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 5-1/2

Update:  July 2nd:  

Handsome Bentley can best be described as a big teddy bear as he’s playful, affectionate and exuberant. 

Bentley is extremely smart and learns quickly.  He’s eager to please but can be a “bit of a bull in a China shop” as Bentley doesn’t realize his size --- he’s not a lapdog but a Golden. 

Bentley loves people and his biggest joy in life is being near you as this boy is a cuddler and snuggler.  He will briefly bark at visitors but calm down quickly --- he’s making progress as his foster mom is working on this. Bentley loves water so he’d likely enjoy swimming and trips to the lake. 

Bentley’s second love is retrieving!  He loves to chase balls, stuffies or anything available!  Throw a ball and Bentley will bring it back and if it's not close enough to you, he picks it up and brings it closer.  He’s such a smart boy.


Ideal Home:  Bentley is outgoing and will thrive in an active home. He has puppy-like energy despite being 5 years old. Bentley gets along with nice, calm dogs but he’d likely be better as an only dog so he can receive all of your attention.  Someone home during the day is a big plus as Bentley will want to stay by your side.  We have not seen Bentley around children but suspect he’d do well with teenagers but not younger children as he doesn't really know his size.  Could you be the perfect home for Bentley?

Bentley is an EGF dog because he came to GRR and was extremely uncomfortable and nervous around new people, dogs or situations.  He didn’t display any aggressive behavior, but rather would pull away to a his safe place.  After several weeks with a trainer, he is building confidence and learning people are good, dogs are fun and new situations can be good too.  Handsome, sweet Bentley is making great progress and ready for his forever home. 

Introducing the handsome Bentley!  Bentley is a goofy boy that has no idea he is not a tiny puppy.  His foster family describes Bentley as energetic, craves attention, food-focused and LOVES being near and around people.

Sweet Bentley’s heart is as big as his body. He’ll happily give you both, but the body will be more welcome when you help him complete his education!  He knows sit, down, stay and heel but needs additional training as he is easily distracted. 

Bentley is becoming more comfortable every day in his foster home and genuinely wants to please. He is a big guy who likes food --- so he instinctively grabs it. He is doing a really good job at waiting to eat his treats or dig into his dinner bowl when we say “leave it.”  He is somewhat aloof to the other dog in his foster home, is fine when left alone for short periods and friendly/quite good with children.  Bentley has not met any cats, LOVES riding in the car and  has learned to enjoy a ride in the golf cart!! 

Bentley loves exercise:  daily walks are a must, playing with a tennis ball (he’ll politely drop it at your feet for another throw) and WATER.  This boy is ready for summertime!  He will jump into a pool (if allowed) or play in the water hose. He also loves enrichments such as dog puzzles, lick pads and chews.  Lastly, Bentley is very observant and curious about all that goes on around the house.

Indoors, Bentley can be overly enthusiastic and at times be a bit of a “bull in a china shop” as he loves to be in the same area as his human companions.  If you’re not careful, Bentley will even attempt to crawl right into your lap!   Bentley is becoming more-and-more comfortable every day and responds well to consistent praise and boundaries.  

Ideal Home:  This handsome, exuberant boy needs someone who can devote the time he needs for training and exercise to get those zoomies out! Regular exercise (walks, swims, playing outside, etc), lots of stimulation and lots of love are a must.  Bentley is a big teddy bear who craves being near people and wants to be part of your daily activities.  We suspect Bentley will do best when someone is home much of the day.  Another nice dog that Bentley can play with would be good.  However, patience and additional training are musts.  With these things, Bentley is sure to flourish.  Could your family be the right match for Bentley.


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