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October 2017

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Newsletter Editor:
Dorian Olsen

Technical Editor:
Jeroen Naus

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suggestions to:

Gold Ribbon Rescue
PO Box 956
Austin, TX 78767
512 659-4653

A Message from Our President...
Margo Biba

Dear Friends,

It’s raining youngsters at GRR! Now is the time to apply if you are looking to add zip to your household. Puppies Sugar and Spice were born unexpectedly to #17-082 Chiquita – we didn’t know she was pregnant, so their birth was an amazing surprise. Puppies Dahlia and Lilly are adorable little red gals – they will be very small as adults. Scooby and Atticus and Beaumont and Banks are all age-appropriate goofy, rowdy boys. It’s unusual for GRR to have this many pups and youngsters; we really appreciate the foster parents that are caring for them. Check the GRR website and click on click on Available for Adoption to learn more about these kiddos. Most of them are listed now and the rest will be there in the next week or so.

Reminder: the 4th annual Hearts of Gold Gala Hearts of Gold Gala is on October 29th at the historic Charles Johnson house, near downtown Austin. Good food, good company, a silent auction and more! I hope to see you there. The San Antonio area is also having a get together on the 22nd at the Two Bros. BBQ Market. See the Events sections below.

We have been contacted by Tomlinson’s Feed to participate in a donation opportunity. They are looking for top-tier associates and they have contacted us regarding a new pilot program with a select few of their rescue partners. Tomlinson’s writes “If you know of any volunteers, fosters, or other members of your organization that might be a fit for our team, we want to meet them. Direct them to apply to Tomlinson's career opportunities and let Amy Sebesta know that you have sent them. For every team member referred by GRR who is in good standing after six months, Tomlinson’s will (gladly) donate $500 to your organization.”

Finally, we need you. Please take a look at the volunteer opportunities in this newsletter. We have a number of high profile, very important openings and we need your help. Refer to the Help Wanted section in this newsletter.

Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy the newsletter!

As Ever,


Letter From The Editor
Dori Olsen

Rusty Olsen

Hello to you all!

Dawn Marie has passed the baton and I have to say that the idea of taking over as Managing Editor of the newsletter is a bit intimidating. I’ll never be able to walk in her shoes – I‘ll settle for following well in her shadow.

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Jeroen Naus has agreed to become Technical Editor of the newsletter. We’re splitting the tasks and I think that the newsletter will be better for it than if I tried to manage it alone.

As you can see, this is a team effort and I invite all of you to be part of the team. I welcome suggestions, ideas, articles, photos and tidbits to keep the newsletter as interesting as possible. Please send your ideas to me at I think that by sharing our expertise with each other, we and our pooches will be the better for it.

During September I had the pleasure of interviewing three families who adopted GRR dogs. The articles on Pippa (now Sunshine) and Marjorie are included in this issue. What struck me is how much the dogs mean to their new families and how wonderful for the dogs that they now have forever homes with families that adore them. This, to me, is the meaning of Gold Ribbon Rescue.

On a different note, if you’re dressing your dog up for Halloween, please email a photo to me so that we can all share in the fun!

Thanks to all of you who are making the transition so much easier. This is an organization of people really helping each other to benefit the Goldens and I’m proud to be able to contribute in some small way.
Have fun!

- Dori

This month's contributors:
Dawn Marie Rae
Anita Briggs
Paula Ellis
Jen Micyk
Amy and Stephen Sebesta
Juri Naus
Ursula and Janos Karos
Anthony and Judy Truesdale


Upcoming Events

Gold Ribbon Rescue Presents...
The Hearts of Gold Gala!

When: October 29th 5:00 - 9:00pm
Where: The Historical Charles Johnson House -
American Legion

Address: 404 Atlanta Street Austin, Texas 78703

Tickets are on sale! Please purchase and RSVP by October 22 here. It’s going to be a gold star event, with a catered dinner by Food! Food!, wine and beer tastings, music, a silent auction … and a gang of Golden Retriever lovers coming together to celebrate that wonderful breed with hearts of gold. Check out the outstanding menu and our many supporters. COME! PLAY!

Bow-Wow Pow-Wow's are back!
October Topic: Managing a Multi-Dog Household!

When: October 18 from 7-8pm
Where: The Canine Center for Training and Behavior in Austin
Address: 11400 290 West Austin, TX 78737
Speaker: Shari Elkins, CPDT-KA and Tellington TTouch Practitioner

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments, good company with other dog people and a relaxing evening on the Canine Center campus!

The event is free but we ask that you register here. See you there!

San Antonio and surrounding area
Two Bros. BBQ Meet

When: October 22nd
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Where: Two Bros. BBQ Market
12656 West Ave San Antonio, Texas
Map Located at Wurzbach Parkway and West Avenue

Large wooded area for the four-leggeds and a playground for the young two-leggeds, oh, and great BBQ!!! Join us for a wonderful afternoon in San Antonio! Please RSVP to Cathy Smith by October 19th.


Help Wanted

Video producer:
Knowledgeable of at least one application to produce videos from existing dog profiles and photos. Used during fundraising campaigns and events. Please contact Paula Ellis.

Newsletter contributor:
1 hour/month. Contacting adoptive families and foster families for features, external subjects. Collect or write articles and solicit for photos. Time volunteered flexible. As little as 1 hour a month depending on how much you want to do. Please contact Dori Olsen.

Website content coordinator:
Interface with GRR Board, external vendor and GRR server administrator for fundraising campaigns and events and other content, as needed. Coordinate changes to GRR forms. Hours: On average about 2-3 hours a week, depending on current project / issues / campaigns. Contact Dawn Marie Rae for details.

Foster Coordinator:
Guiding foster families through the fostering process, answer their questions as they arise and show them where documentation resides. The foster coordinator must have minimal experience with the drawing up of contracts. Anyone interested can contact Lonni Swanson.

Communications team lead:
Coordinate emergent information, events, fund-raising campaigns and spotlighting dogs to the team to propagate externally. Includes newsletter team, internal and external FB accounts, Twitter, Instagram, mailings and the GRR website content coordinator. Ensure staffing and backup volunteers. Enables consistent flow of information to all external channels. ~ 2 hours a week depending on campaigns / events. Contact Dawn Marie Rae for details.

Home Visit Coordinator:
Be responsible for receiving approved applications, maintaining a list of volunteers who do the Home Visits and assigning the approved applications to an appropriate volunteer who is in the locale of the potential adopter/foster family. Must have experience in either conducting Interviews or doing Home Visits to understand the databases. About 1 to 3 hours a day on average. Please contact AJ Harper for more details.

Phone Interview Coordinator:
Responsible for reviewing incoming applications, then assigning and reviewing phone interviews using the database for indicating status of application as it moves through the adoption process. Approximate time per week: 1-2 hours. Please contact Katie Prescott for more details.


Puppy Mania! Meet Our Newest Babies!

Sugar 17-090 and Spice 17-091

Left photo: Dahlia (left) and Lilly (right)

Check out their stories and more cutie-pie photos here.

Please visit How To Adopt for more information about adoption. This same page also includes a link to an adoption application.


Help Pets Displaced By Harvey!

Information current as of August 31. All three organizations are keeping their websites and Facebook timelines current as to their immediate needs.

San Antonio:

The Animal Defense League of Texas

At this moment, we are mostly in need of medium and large pet travel kennels for transporting pets. If you would like to donate, you can drop them off at our 11300 Nacogdoches Rd. location or shop from our Amazon Wishlist.

One of the biggest ways to help ADL make room for pets impacted by Hurricane Harvey is to adopt a furry friend already in our shelter. Adoption fees are waived with a donation for adult cats and dogs 6 months or older! (excludes puppies, kittens, and adopt-me-now pets) Going on now until September 4th at both ADL locations!


Austin Pets Alive

Thank you all for the amazing outpouring of support over the past 24 hours! At this time we no longer need donations sent to our temporary location. Because of this unbelievable support we have been able to care for the over 1,000 animals in our care and have even been able to send supplies down to those who need in most in the Houston area, and help Austin Animal Center set up their shelter to assist folks who have evacuated to Austin with their animals.

Austin Animal Center

AAC has an Amazon Wishlist.

Annie Mosel - post doggy day care!


In Loving Memory - Ruby Red Lips
Amy Bowden

We said a hard goodbye to this beautiful face yesterday. My sweet, precious Ruby Red Lips. I will miss her terribly. Just a year ago this month we said goodbye to her sister Maggie. Ruby never did get over losing her. I just can't believe my Golden Girls are gone. Ruby was so loving, kind and gentle. I will miss my snaggle-toothed girl. She had a million dollar smile and a heart of gold. Sure wish we could keep our fur babies forever!!! Cancer is such an ugly disease. How she loved to hold hands, even up until her last moments. I find comfort in knowing she has reunited with her sisters at the rainbow bridge. I was so blessed to have her for 11 years. Thanks to my sweet Dad for always helping me with the hardest decisions and for making sure they have beautiful cedar boxes to rest in. I will miss you forever.


Where Are They Now? - Marjorie 17-024
Dori Olsen with Tony and Judy Truesdale

Marjorie is a beautiful 10 year old redhead and she looks so much like Tony and Judy Truesdale’s previous Golden DJ that it’s like a reincarnation. Tony and Judy wanted to meet Marjorie from the day her picture first popped up on the website but they had a long, long wait. They were persistent and called Michelle repeatedly to find out Marjorie’s status and finally the big day came – she was ready for adoption. They went to Austin to meet her and it was love at first sight! They are beyond thrilled that Marjorie was cleared for adoption and that she is now a member of the Truesdale family. They “love her, love her, love her! She’s such a good dog – she’s perfect! And Marjorie feels the same. Her tail thumps repeatedly on the floor when they come into the room.

Marjorie has some health problems and she is hard of hearing so while she was waiting for clearance for adoption, her foster Deb began teaching her hand signals, which the Truesdales continue to use. She is a hearty eater – so hearty, in fact, that they got her a puzzle bowl to slow her down!

This redhead has a few funny habits. She has a major rock fetish and picks up rocks on the property and chews on them. She puts her treasures on the back deck and then wants to chase them. Her teeth are worn so they don’t know if this is a habit that she’s had for a while. She also snores like a freight train and she prefers to sleep in several locations during the night. She moves from the bedroom to the living room carpet to the sofa – all to avoid that incredibly comfortable orthopedic bed that they so lovingly bought for her.

Tennis balls? They are for chewing the fuzz off and then are promptly discarded. She likes to roughhouse in the house and to RUN when she’s outside. She acts more like a crazy two year old instead of a genteel 10 year old lady.

“She’s way too smart for her own good.” Marjorie gets a treat after she goes outside and goes potty so she quickly figured out that if she went out on the deck for 5 minutes and came back in she got a treat, without, of course, fulfilling the purpose of why she went out in the first place. Tony and Judy caught on so now they are careful to watch her. Smart girl!

Anthony has plans to attach a tennis ball to his fishing pole line so that he can haul in his greatest catch ever– Marjorie! All Tony and Judy want is for her to be happy because she makes them so happy.


Arthritis Care: Cold Laser Therapy
Anita Briggs

About a year ago, our Bailey (15-048) had a quick decline in mobility. Over a matter of weeks, he no longer wanted to go down the few stairs to the backyard. He began having trouble walking at all. Our vet offered several options for treatment, including pain meds and cold laser therapy. We started both immediately but quickly found he could not tolerate most pain meds. We followed the vet’s recommended schedule for starting with cold laser; over time we found Bailey responded well to treatments once every other week.

The cold laser treatments do not seem to cause Bailey any discomfort at all. It takes only a few minutes for his laser routine which includes both hips and part of his spine. Afterwards, he is usually exhausted as his body works extra hard to heal the lasered regions. The following day, we usually see a noticeable increase in his mobility and perkiness. It fades over time, and we know to schedule the next visit.

Bailey has a "T" shape shaved into his back so the laser unit can be applied right to his skin. For a while the laser process seemed to slow the hair growth, but lately it is growing again. He needs the area re-shaved every couple months or so for the laser to be effective.

We are so thankful to have this treatment option available to Bailey, especially knowing how limited his tolerance is to pain meds. Every day with him and his sidekick, Honey (15-049) is a gift. We truly feel cold laser has given us the gift of many, many more days of good quality life for Bailey.


10 Small Ways to Bond with Your Dog - Every Single Day!

Are you looking for ways to increase the bond you have with your dog? Good news! Bonding with your dog doesn’t have to involve any grand gesture. As you’ve likely heard before, the little things often mean the most. There are many small ways you can bond with your dog every single day. These include:

  • Eye contact
  • Simple touches
  • Cuddles
  • Focused attention
  • Clear communication
  • Training sessions
  • Teaching a new trick
  • Praise
  • Staying calm
  • Giving special treats

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact… really? You might not think that something so simple could enhance the bond you have with your dog.It does matter, however, and it impacts your dog significantly. What’s more, eye contact with your dog also helps you! When you and your dog ‘lock eyes,’ both of you experience an increase in oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as ‘the bonding hormone,’ as it’s released when a mother dog looks at her puppy.

Touch Your Dog

Just as eye contact increases your bond, so touch works wonders for both you and your dog. Research shows that when you pet your dog, serotonin is released, which results in reduced stress and anxiety. Touch enhances the physical and mental health in dogs and humans.

Simple petting, even for a moment, speaks volumes.

Cuddle Your Dog

Cuddling your dog is similar to touch, of course. Rather than just a quick pet and “I love you,” however, cuddling means settling in for a while.

Extended snuggling with your dog allows hormones to be released for a longer period of time. Have you ever been stressed, cuddled your dog on the couch, and then felt much calmer afterwards? Yep, me too.

Not only does this increase the bond you have with your dog, but it improves your mental health. Win-win.



There Oughta Be A Law!


GRR Monthly Status Report: September 1 - September 22
Paula Ellis

A Major Tom, Mary and Bungus rendezvous!

Came into care: 17-101 Lacy, 17-102 Brave, 17-103 Harvey, 17-104 Banks, 17-105 Lilly, 17-106 Dahlia, 17-107 Beaumont, 17-108 Lady, 17-109 Buddy, 17-110 Joy, 17-111 Thibeaux, 17-112 Hudson, 17-113 Atikus, 17-114 Bear, 17-115 Boomer, 17-116 Wyatt, 17-117 Levi

From last month: 17-074 Ziggy, 17-076 Charlie,17-032 Lee,17-034M Mia, 17-013 Godiva, 17-078, Hamilton, 17-024 Marjorie,17-086 Nacho, 17-085 Winston, 17-073 Merle, 17-087 Dallas
From this month: 17-101 Lacy, 17-072 Natalie, 17-043 Hank

Currently in Foster Care: 43 - 19 available/available soon, 14 foster pend adoptions, 10 permanent fosters


Where are They Now - Pippa 17-071
Dori Olsen with Janos and Ursula Karos

Pippa (now Sunshine) traveled a long, long way to be with her new family, Janos and Ursula Karos. She is from Mexico City and according to the Karos’ is "an absolutely beautiful, young, tiny dog who only weighs 44 pounds." Her age is estimated at 5 or 6 years old but they think she might be younger and suspect that she might have had a litter of puppies. She is a brave little thing and isn’t afraid of thunderstorms, which may be due to her life on the streets. They wish they knew more about her past life but it doesn’t really matter. They love her dearly and will make sure that she has the best life ever going forward.

Whatever she suffered in the past is gone and she has found the perfect home with a couple who adore her. She is a little character and incredibly agile. She has perfected that typically Golden trait of stealing food from low tables. She is a pudgy little rascal who is always hungry but she doesn’t beg – just looks at you longingly with those big brown eyes. She had 12 of her teeth pulled due to an infection so they buy Velveeta and cut it into smaller pieces as a treat for this little princess. She feels absolutely at home and doesn’t think that the floor is good enough for her. As soon as Ursula vacates her chair Pippa takes it over.

Ursula and Janos are dog people – they have always had dogs and the house just isn’t the same without a dog or two around. Their first Golden (who has passed on) was named Sundancer and they named Pippa “Sunshine” to keep the theme going. Pippa currently shares her home with Kirby, a Great Dane, and they are the best of friends.

So what does this silly little girl love? Frogs! There is a frog that comes out every night and Pippa goes out onto the patio to look for it. She hasn’t caught it yet but the little lady certainly tries. They live on a golf course so Pippa acts as the neighborhood watchdog and tells them when someone is near – all 44 pounds of her! Small but mighty – that’s Pippa.

Ursula is the one who primarily walks Pippa and initially Pippa pulled so badly that she almost took Ursula’s arm off. After trying several different collars and types of harness, they settled on the Canney Collar ® that slips over her nose. She stopped pulling almost immediately and now walks perfectly. The neighbors think she is the cutest thing and she goes and visits her friends every evening.

Janos and Ursula think that Pippa is one of the greatest dogs ever and they are a very happy family. The house feels complete again.


Tails & Trails…Discovering Austin’s outdoors with my Golden gal!
Jen Micyk and Kerbey

Wolf Mountain Trail at Pedernales Falls State Park
2585 Park Rd 6026
Johnson City, TX 78636

If you haven't figured it out already, I'm a big fan of lists. Any article or link promising to tell me the "best" of anything gets my attention, especially when we're talking places to go, food to eat or trails to hike. This month's trail review comes from just such a list, which I wrote out into a checklist that I put on my fridge so I always have somewhere to get ideas when I'm thinking about where to take our next adventure.

Wolf Mountain Trail is one of the many trails located within Pedernales Falls State Park. It is rated "challenging" on the park map and runs about 6 miles. We found ourselves here on a pretty hot day and were disappointed to find that much of the trail runs parallel to and above a creek rather than alongside it, so for quite a bit you're walking an unshaded trail being teased by the nearby water. There are spots where you can take a side trail down (probably more than I noticed since I've only been once), and as you go along there are better access points and places to splash and lounge in the cool creek.

The photo of Kerbey and me that appears at the top of each monthly article is from Wolf Mountain Trail and is at a spot where the water was flowing, though you can't see that in the pic. A couple miles up the trail is a chemical toilet, which is nice to have on long trails. Further up from there the trail loops around a summit and provides some nice views of the hill country. My recommendations for this trail are to bring plenty of water and don't be afraid to explore the side trails leading down to the creek. If a challenging trail is not what you're after, the park has plenty to choose from, so head on out and explore.


Kicking Cancer's Tail! Part Three
Amy and Stephen Sebesta with Maya

As you’ve been reading the last couple of months, our GRR girl Maya 14-117 has lymphoma cancer.  When we first got the news, we assumed treatment options would be slim.  Turns out, there are a variety of options from least to more aggressive.  As you can imagine, money is an obvious factor in the decision path, but there are some hidden considerations to chemo that I want to share in the event you find yourself on cancer lane. 

  1. Understand all your options, outcomes, and ask for cost estimates for the treatment course.  The most expensive option may not be the best option when you look at the complete picture.  No matter the option, the experience can still be managed in a way that is right and comfortable for you and your dog.

  2. You do not have to be married to your path; you can always change your mind and course.

  3. If you chose chemo, be prepared to be at the vet often (Maya goes once a week) on a coordinated schedule.  By the way, this is probably not YOUR vet, but a specialist like we have for Maya - Dr. Timothy Stein at Austin Veterinary Emergency and Specialty - a board certified Maya approved oncology specialist.

  4. While chemo in dogs does not have the same terrible side effects as in people, there are host of possible effects that may creep onto the scene - diarrhea, nausea, whisker loss (fur loss is not usually an issue in shedding breeds), lethargy, and immune system compromise being the most common.  Be transparent with your vet about what you are seeing to get advice and tips along the way.

  5. For safety, Maya has CBC blood counts before every chemo treatment can proceed.

  6. Some chemo treatments require the use of Prednisone and diuretics, making being at home important to tend to sometimes immediate bathroom needs.

  7. The treatment path can be long and may not work.  Maya is in for 4 months, even after hitting remission within the first (4) weeks.  

  8. Body fluids and waste are considered toxic.  Double bagging, gloves, and keeping ahead of side effects are key to manage possible accidents.

  9. Boarding, raw diets, and vaccinations are not advised due to the effect of chemo on your dog’s immune system.
In short, I really don’t know how we could have taken chemo on without marital-tag-teaming vet visits when schedules are tough, relying on my sister-in-law for her at-the-ready help, and working at home. 

What can we say? We love Maya.  Money escapes our wallet with little pain as Maya prances around silly as ever grunting for love and life.  And so, we keep kicking cancer in the tail.  GO MAYA!



Thoughts, Prayers and Remembrance

Our Rainbow Bridge: (since September 2017)

Rest in peace, our friends and companions...

13-079 Ari/Honey
17-114 Bear

If you would like to submit a memorial of your dog, click here.

Rest in peace dear Redford


Dutch Goes Camping!
Dan Young and Lori

The adoptive home of Duchess: Dan Young and girlfriend Lori send the best updates of senior, Dutch, as they now call her.


In Loving Memory - Honey
AJ Harper

From AJ: September 6th

"Our Honey Girl (GRR-13-079) crossed over today. She was scheduled for another MRI tomorrow for her spleen mass that had spread but decided she was ready. We were lucky to have our vet come to our house and she passed in my arms with Ken giving her kisses while in her own surroundings. She was comfy and enjoyed her peanut butter and cheese while dozing in and out.

Our hearts ache at mealtimes as we will miss her happy dance which always made us smile and her cooing at the door upon entry, holding her stuffie."

Honey at intake July 2013


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