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March 2018

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A Message from Our President...
Margo Biba

Dear Friends,

Lots of marvelous Goldens arrived in February: Stellar personalities; some amazingly healthy, and others in awful, but fixable medical shape. It sure has been fun bringing in such sweet dogs. We're having a rollicking good time!

Foster/Respite parents needed:

As the deluge of Goldens continues, we'll need your help fostering and/or providing respite care. Spring break, when foster families are out of town, is an especially critical time. New families, please fill out an online application in How to Adopt, indicating that you want to "foster." The application is located at the end of How to Adopt. We badly need you if you are a previous foster or adoptive parent. Please contact us if you are willing to help.

Amplify Austin is March 1st at 6:00 p.m. through March 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

This annual Austin community fundraiser is a Big Deal for GRR. It provides additional funds to provide medical care for our kiddos, so please give generously. Donations to GRR are MATCHED by community donors, so we get a big bang for the buck. To donate, click on Amplify Austin 2018. You can schedule your donation now through 6:00 p.m. on March 2nd. Thanks so much for your support.

Volunteer Orientation:

Join the GRR Team, make friends, and save lives by volunteering with GRR. Our next Volunteer Orientation is Saturday, March 17th at the Austin Animal Center. Details are below in the Upcoming Events section.

#18-024 Murphy's Magic Trick:

Last weekend, due to the shortage of foster homes, Gary and I stashed two littermates in our front room. Abby was angelic, but five year old Murphy was quite the mischievous character. Murphy attempted that magic trick, where you swiftly pull a tablecloth out from under all the items on the table, without dumping everything on the floor. He was spectacularly unsuccessful, but highly entertaining.

As Ever,


Click here for a look back at 2017, in video, by Candice Gourley.


Let's Amplify Gold Ribbon Rescue!

March 1st at 6PM until March 2nd at 6PM

Trigger and Harvey

Please join us for Amplify Austin 2018 and consider Gold Ribbon Rescue as your chosen charity during this exciting day of giving! Remember, your donations are amplified by community sponsors.

Meet two recent GRR Goldens who have a new life because of you:

17-103 Harvey, age 10, is a handsome redhead who was surrendered to the Laredo shelter when his owner took a job working offshore rigs.  Unfortunately, we immediately noticed Harvey had serious mobility issues and was extremely lethargic.  Harvey was rushed to a specialist who suspected a systemic fungal infection such as Valley Fever, common in the southwestern U.S.  Harvey had severe bone loss, bone proliferation in both hips and his left wrist, along with numerous other issues.  Harvey’s prognosis was poor, but he was started on an expensive name-brand medication called Sporanox. The cost of lab work and medication was $2482.00.  What a difference love, good food and quality medical care have made.  Today, Harvey walks, runs and jumps without limping and pain.  Harvey will likely be on the antibiotics for life, but he is enjoying the good life thanks to GRR.

17-133 Trigger, age 2, was an owner surrender due to a medical emergency. Trigger had abdominal obstruction surgery earlier in 2017 and 8 inches of intestine were removed because of an ingested sock. And then it happened again. Trigger’s owner called the GRR hotline “I am needing someone to rescue this Golden because I cannot afford this surgery and he's a beautiful dog and he's wonderful and we need this pretty quick. Otherwise he's going to have to be euthanized tonight so I'm just trying to rescue this dog.” GRR sprang into action and took Trigger to the specialty hospital where another 8” of bowel was removed - this time the bowel was about to perforate, so surgery was in the nick of time. The bills came to $5700.00. Trigger is now recuperating and enjoying life in his foster-pending-adoption home.

To everyone reading this, and to all who have supported us - and continue to support us - through the years, a huge Golden thank you. You make all of this possible.

Amplify Austin officially begins March 1st, but you can schedule a donation now by clicking here!


Letter From The Editor
Dori Olsen

Rusty Olsen

Hello to you all!

This is the puppy issue! We've had an unusual number of puppies and there has been such great interest in them that I thought it would be fun to spotlight them. Who doesn't love a puppy? But boy, are they a lot of work! Just ask Candice Gourley, Michelle Goldberg, Denise Maples, Jean Steensma, Linda Graham and our other wonderful "puppy fosters."

The website offers free dog food recall alerts that are sent to your email. They give information on the brand, type of food and what the issue is with the food or treat. I received four alerts in one week during February, which is many more than usual, so I wanted to be sure that everyone knows about this site. They also offer comparisons of various brands of dog food and have many other areas of interest. If you would like to sign up for recall alerts, click on the link.

My boy, Rusty, isn't a GRR dog. He was a Craigslist find from Waco. His Gotcha Day is March 25th, his birthday is March 22nd and my birthday is around that time, so we'll have a joint celebration. I can't believe it's been almost a year. He's such a cuddly and loving goofball. I can't imagine life without him!

Happy spring!


This month's Contributors:

Candice Gourley
Lisa Savage
Lonni Swanson
Deanna Johnson
Morgan Witthoft
Michelle Goldberg
Joye Price
Paula Ellis
Jeroen Naus
Dawn Marie Rae


Upcoming Events

Amplify Austin
March 1st at 6 p.m. to March 2nd at 6 p.m.

Volunteer Orientation
Looking to get more involved with GRR? We are always in need of more volunteers in different areas. Join us for our first Volunteer Orientation of the year! We will be discussing the different areas of opportunity for volunteers and will have speakers from each of these areas. There will also be a golden retriever present at training as a demonstration! RSVP to Shannon Bennett.

March 17, 2018
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Austin Animal Center.
7201 Levander Loop Bldg A
Austin, TX 78702

GRR Gold Fest at DogBoy's
Bring your Golden and enjoy a fun afternoon of swimming, agility and more. Details soon.

April 7, 2018 (back up date is April 28th)

Pints 4 Pups
The Alaskan Brewing Co. and Pints 4 Pups are happy to host GRR for an event at the Yard Bar. The beer of choice will be Alaskan Husky IPA, which is the brewery’s newest product offering. Other tastings will be available. A portion of all sales during the event will go to GRR. Please tell your friends and bring your Goldens to this fun afternoon. More details soon.

April 14, 2018
12:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m.
6700 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78757

Volunteer Appreciation Party
More information to follow.

May 6, 2018


Fiesta Medals

Join the San Antonio Fiesta celebration by adding to your collection of Fiesta medals. Gold Ribbon Rescue is selling beautiful GRR Fiesta medals that are embellished with our Gold Ribbon Rescue logo and our motto. The price is $10 per medal plus $3 shipping. To order one of these beautiful medals, and to help our great cause, go to our website at Gold Ribbon Rescue and click on the PayPal button on the home page. It will guide you through your purchase.

Thanks so much for your support!


Help Wanted

Landlord Verification Volunteer
The Adoption Team is looking for a volunteer who can complete the verification of permission from applicant landlords. Requires knowledge of GRR policies in general and the ability to use basic computer skills to enter the verification information into the GRR Relevant Tools Database and/or forms webpage. 5-7 hours per week depending on the number of applications. For more information or to volunteer, please contact GRR Adoption Director Dawn Hinckley.

Website Dog Story Authors
Write upbeat, enticing stories about newly rescued dogs and obtain photos for the GRR website using foster reports and contact with the foster. Approximately 2-3 hours per assignment. Desired turnaround time is 3 to 4 days from date of assignment. This is a critical position that enhances each dog's chances of adoption. Please contact Barbara Tankey for more information.

Foster Coordinator Lead:
Assign foster coordinators (FC) to new foster and FPA (foster pend adopt) families. Ensure FCs have the materials they need and track information. Time requirement is 3-5 hours per week. For more information, please contact Michelle Goldberg.

GRR Website Content Coordinator:
Must have Drupal, HTML, CSS and FTP skills to manage timely updates to our website re: fundraisers, events and general content changes. Approximately 5 hours per week depending on current campaigns. Please contact Dawn Marie Rae for more details.

Respite Volunteers needed:
We are in need of more respite families to help out with keeping foster dogs short- term while the fosters are travelling or on vacation. This is a great way to provide socialization for your dog, try out fostering, enjoy playing with and caring for a short-term foster. Volunteers must have gone through the regular adoption/foster screening process, including a home visit. Please contact Robin Early if interested.


Where are They Now? Clara and the 2017 Christmas Litter
Candice Gourley

Clara (17-139)

Clara is a sweet young lady who came to GRR from the Laredo shelter with a brand-new litter of pups, who were a week old when they came to us. Candice Gourley again fostered a Christmas Litter and shared with all of us on the GRR Facebook page the progress and adventures of Clara and her four girls and one lone boy. Clara had some serious medical issues when she came in. She was 15 pounds underweight, had all but stopped producing milk and had to be put on a special diet so that she would eat well and be able to produce enough mama's milk for her babies. She came through the worst of it and Clara, today, is a beautiful and healthy Golden.

From Candice:


Anjali flew away with Dan and Amanda Marion and their kids on February 1st. SUCH a wonderful family! Very excited for Anjali. They have not chosen a new name yet, they want to get her home and see what comes up. There is apparently a large family debate going on. She is going to get lots of great socialization and will be such a solid puppy with kids and adults alike.


Cady, the black puppy, was adopted by her amazing new family Steve DeNero and Katie Wahlman DeNero on February 3rd. They have named her Pizza and they already have such fun plans for her! She's going to be so well adjusted and will have the BEST life! They are on their way home now and her vistas have just opened so wide. Her mom was cuddling her, and you should have SEEN her looking up at her dad. Match made in heaven.

Eira (17-143)

Eira was adopted January 31st by Michael and Laura Frame. Her name is now Arya and she was the first puppy to fly the coop. People ask me if letting them go is difficult. Actually, when I see little Arya happily sniffing around her daddy, climbing on his lap when he's trying to sign a contract and then outside, following her daddy happily around the front yard, my heart is full of sunshine and happiness. Oh sweet Arya (isn't that an AWESOME name?), you are going to have such a happy life!

Pax (17-141)

Pax was adopted by Emily Abrams Smith and Stephen Smith . When they walked in, I handed Pax to them and it was mutual love at first sight. He was either snuggled against them, or sleeping on shoulders, or kissing chins. Really so sweet. See, he had to be here a little longer because he was just waiting for the Smiths to come get him!

Taraji (17-144)

Taraji was adopted by Elyssa Holland on February 2nd. Taraji is going to have such a WONDERFUL life! I love this family so much and am so impressed with Elyssa. You are all familiar with Julie Karney Holland and her beautiful Tango and Freya. Well, now Julie has a grandbaby! I debated on which picture to post, but I so loved this tender captured moment so much, I had to share it. This was not posed. Let me tell you that Taraji just had her little paws gripped on Elyssa's shoulders...this was a love at first sight moment and who am I to stand in the way of that kind of magic?

Editor’s Note: All of the puppies have been adopted and have gone on to their loving, forever homes. Clara is back with Candice, relaxing and learning to enjoy life at DogBoy’s and with Candice’s pack; Willow, Mary and Bungus. Clara is still a timid girl but, with Candice’s love and care, she is beginning to come into her own. Clara is available for adoption and will make some loving family a special addition.


Puppy Basics 101 - How to Care for Your New Dog

Puppies are without a doubt some of the most adorable things on the planet. Parenting a new puppy, however, is no walk in the park. Here’s a guide to help you care for the new addition to the family.

When the time comes to finally bring your new puppy home for the first time, you can pretty much count on three things: unbridled joy, cleaning up your puppy’s accidents, and a major lifestyle adjustment. As you’ll soon learn, a growing puppy needs much more than a food bowl and a doghouse to thrive. And while it may be a lot of work initially, it’s well worth the effort. Establishing good and healthy habits in those first few sleep-deprived weeks will lay the foundation for many dog-years of happiness for you and your puppy.

Find a Good Vet

The first place you and your new puppy should go together is, you guessed it, straight to the vet for a checkup. This visit will not only help ensure that your puppy is healthy and free of serious health issues, birth defects, etc., but it will help you take the first steps toward a good preventive health routine. If you don’t have a vet already, ask friends for recommendations. If you got your dog from a shelter, ask their advice as they may have veterinarians they swear by. Local dog walkers and groomers are a great source of ideas.

Make the Most of Your First Vet Visit

  1. Ask your vet which puppy foods he or she recommends, how often to feed, and what portion size to give your pup.
  2. Set up a vaccination plan with your vet.
  3. Discuss safe options for controlling parasites, both external and internal.
  4. Learn which signs of illness to watch for during your puppy’s first few months.
  5. Ask about when you should spay or neuter your dog.

Shop for Quality Food

Your puppy’s body is growing in critical ways which is why you’ll need to select a food that’s formulated especially for puppies as opposed to adult dogs. Look for a statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) on the packaging to ensure that the food you choose will meet your pup’s nutritional requirements.

Small and medium-sized breeds can make the leap to adult dog food between 9 and 12 months of age. Large breed dogs should stick with puppy kibbles until they reach 2-years-old. Make sure your puppy has fresh and abundant water available at all times.

Feed multiple times a day:

  1. Age 6-12 weeks – 4 meals per day
  2. Age 3-6 months – 3 meals per day
  3. Age 6-12 months – 2 meals per day

Establish a Bathroom Routine

Because puppies don’t take kindly to wearing diapers, housetraining quickly becomes a high priority on most puppy owners’ list of must-learn tricks. According to the experts, your most potent allies in the quest to housetrain your puppy are patience, planning, and plenty of positive reinforcement. In addition, it’s probably not a bad idea to put a carpet-cleaning battle plan in place, because accidents will happen.

Until your puppy has had all of her vaccinations, you’ll want to find a place outdoors that’s inaccessible to other animals. This helps reduce the spread of viruses and disease. Make sure to give lots of positive reinforcement whenever your puppy manages to potty outside and, almost equally important, refrain from punishing her when she has accidents indoors.

Knowing when to take your puppy out is almost as important as giving her praise whenever she does eliminate outdoors. Here’s a list of the most common times to take your puppy out to potty.

  • When you wake up.
  • Right before bedtime.
  • Immediately after your puppy eats or drinks a lot of water.
  • When your puppy wakes up from a nap.
  • During and after physical activity.

Watch For Early Signs of Ilness

For the first few months, puppies are more susceptible to sudden bouts of illnesses that can be serious if not caught in the early stages. If you observe any of the following symptoms in your puppy, it’s time to contact the vet:

  1. Lack of appetite
  2. Poor weight gain
  3. Vomiting
  4. Swollen or painful abdomen
  5. Lethargy (tiredness)
  6. Diarrhea
  7. Difficulty breathing
  8. Wheezing or coughing
  9. Pale gums
  10. Swollen, red eyes or eye discharge
  11. Nasal discharge
  12. Inability to pass urine or stool

Teach Obedience

By teaching your puppy good manners, you’ll set your puppy up for a life of positive social interaction. In addition, obedience training will help forge a stronger bond between you and your puppy.

Teaching your pup to obey commands such as sit, stay, down, and come will not only impress your friends, but these commands will help keep your dog safe and under control in any potentially hazardous situations. Many puppy owners find that obedience classes are a great way to train both owner and dog. Classes typically begin accepting puppies at age 4 to 6 months.

Tip: Keep it positive. Positive reinforcement, such as small treats, has been proven to be vastly more effective than punishment.

Be Sociable

Just like obedience training, proper socialization during puppyhood helps avoid behavioral problems down the road. At approximately 2 to 4 months of age, most puppies begin to accept other animals, people, places, and experiences. Socialization classes are an excellent way to rack up positive social experiences with your puppy. Just be sure to ask your vet about what kind of interaction is OK at this stage.


Bungus and Pax - Best Buds


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Lisa Savage

Littermates Sugar (17-090) and Spice (17-091) came to GRR when their Golden Retriever mama Chiquita (17-082) turned out to be pregnant! Denise Maples chronicled her experience with Chiquita and her puppies in a previous edition of the newsletter. The puppies are now seven months old and have been cooking up fun times and lots of love in their foster homes.

Sugar, now known as Sitka, is being adopted into Michelle Goldberg’s pack. Michelle says she and her husband Bob Benson never intended to adopt another dog, but Sugar was so sweet and compatible with their family (including GRR canines Sedona, Durango, Juneau, Kona as well as feline brother Frisco), they couldn’t resist keeping her. Let’s call her icing on the cake!

Michelle describes Sitka as smart as well as a bit stubborn. Housebreaking was a breeze and she has lovely manners inside. She requires only that the toy box, which has been emptied of squeaky toys for tugs with her brothers, be refilled daily. Outside, however, she can be a wild child and loves to dig and play chase as well as demonstrate her retriever genes with a game of fetch. She is also an adventurous hiker. This darling girl found her forever home courtesy of GRR veterans and a foster fail, otherwise known as a foster turned forever!

Littermate Spice is just as adorable. While her mom was pure Golden Retriever, she demonstrates that “variety is the Spice of life” in her appearance. Let us be reminded that long-term health issues are less common with the mixed among us! Having the heart of a Golden is the most important thing, and little Spice certainly does. Foster mom Shawn Sullivan describes her as affectionate and cuddly with the sweetest expressions. Shawn says “she likes to crawl up on my chest while I’m watching TV and just stare me right in the face with her dark eyes.” Spice is a well-socialized pup, and is comfortable around kids, other dogs and visitors.

Laughter is in the mix and Spice girl keeps the family entertained with cute puppy antics such as “the zoomies” when she zips around the house on a predictable twice-daily schedule or when she barks at that dog reflected in the glass shower!

Spice is available for adoption. Shawn envisions a family with kids and/or dogs to play with and thinks that Spice might have a future with agility training, given her energy level and athleticism. She can “sail right over the couch without even trying!”... then curl up on it with the family when it’s time to cuddle. She is a lovely combination of calm and laid back with a dash of playfulness and bravery. That sounds like a recipe for success for some lucky family!


Lilly and Dahlia, Our Hurricane Harvey Refugees

Lilly (17-105) and her sister Dahlia (17-106) were a pair of 9 week-old puppies who were refugees from Hurricane Harvey. San Antonio ACS took in a number of dogs from Houston due to the hurricane and were totally overloaded, so GRR happily agreed to take in these little angels on August 27, 2017. They are “a little of this and a little of that”, but we couldn’t say no to them, especially given the circumstances.

They were 4.5 pounds when they arrived and, under the excellent care of their foster, they blossomed to 7.2 pounds within a month. Dahlia was the more outgoing of the two and was very adventuresome in checking things out and trying new things. Lilly was a little more cautious, but was also willing to explore. Dahlia didn't mind her collar and leash while Lilly doesn't like the collar (or leash) and froze.

Linda Graham, their original foster says “Lilly enjoys snuggling. Dahlia will snuggle a bit, but has things to do and wants to move on to the next activity pretty quickly. With their sweetness, Lilly was reserved and gentle in her approach whereas Dahlia was outgoing and gregarious. They both enjoy all who cross their paths, be it other dogs, cats, or people. There's an abundance of kisses that they are willing to share with all.

Fast forward: Lilly and Dahlia have both found forever homes with families that love them fiercely.

Dahlia was also fostered by Margaret Nahas and was renamed Emme by Margaret's daughter. Dahlia was adopted on January 26th, at the age of seven months, by Margaret's sister Frances. How wonderful to keep the little angel in the family. Margaret is looking forward to dog sitting.

Lilly formally became part of the Graham family on Halloween! Linda says that their vet had only known them to have big dogs and she couldn’t imagine them with a little dog until she met Lilly. Lilly is a real cutie and loves her brothers Dakota and Connor.


In Loving Memory - Blanca 16-042
Margo Biba

We have sad news about Peg and Jack Crownover’s permanent foster, 16-042 Blanca, age 16. She developed seizures February 20th, and by midnight they were so severe that she was taken to the emergency hospital for euthanasia.

Blanca is the beautiful white gal in Peg’s October 2017 photo below. Blanca was one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted, loveliest ladies that most of us have ever known.

As Peg wrote this on February 21st, “Blanca took a big part of our hearts, as she was a special gal. We're so glad that she spent the last two years of her life here with us, it was the BEST 2 years!!! Thank you for loving her too. She captured the hearts of many at the GRR Christmas parties and our friends too. She had that calm magic that said "Here I am, love me", so we did.”

As Ever,

Margo and Peg and Jack


Thoughts, Prayers and Remembrance

Our Rainbow Bridge: February 2018
Rest in peace, our friends and companions.



In Loving Memory - River 07-097
Morgan Witthoft in a note from Emily Tuczkowski

Emily, because you took a special interest in River the dog, I wanted to share a few particulars about his life after GRR. The topics are:

  • Medical care
  • Happy dog
  • Dog in the right place

Medical care
Since he lived too short a life, you could be worried about what happened to him. “Did I place a dog with somebody who just let him die?”

River remained in the bouncy high-energy puppyish stage for about 8 years, and then seemed to age really fast - lower energy, white muzzle, etc. and just kept declining. Our local vet ran every test and diagnostic and medication and special energy diet imaginable. When they were stumped, we pulled in CTVSH, and they were stumped too. It seemed he just weakened and faded away. We still don’t know why. But you can be confident the problem was not negligence. We pushed them to the limit to try to help River.

Happy dog
When you place a rescue dog, your biggest responsibility is to ensure the dog has a happy life. In this River succeeded brilliantly. The truth is River was simply the happiest darn animal I ever laid eyes on. It seemed like this was his life plan (“I’m on earth to be the happy animal!”) and he stuck to it. I can’t claim credit (“I made this dog happy”) for it, but I certainly didn’t get in the way of his plans. He loved company, he loved his family, he loved his swimming and Frisbee games, and he just had about the best time anybody ever had. So GRR did right by him.

Dog in the right place
Again, because of the special attachment you felt for River, you may have wondered something like, did he go to the right family and home, to pursue his life plan? I think he did: in our house he was able to be the Hero Life-Saving Dog, taking care of people who deeply needed him. One of them was my niece. After escaping a dangerous situation with an abusive father, she came to live with us. She arrived frightened, withdrawn, and tentative. River spent hundreds of hours helping her come out of her shell and gain confidence and optimism. He played with her and took her on long walks. He brought her along to watch my softball games, where he showed her how to open up to other people outside the family. So yeah, he had to be here.

Editor’s Note: River was one of three purebred puppies that were dumped at the Abilene shelter. There was a note pinned to their cage that said “These are the ones we could not sell.” The shelter was way over full and they said they would have to euthanize the pups unless GRR could take them. They were picked up that day!)


Valentine's Party at the Zoom Room

The GRR Valentine's Party at the Zoom Room on February 17th was a rousing success. Because pictures speak a thousand words, enjoy! Many thanks to Michelle Goldberg and Joye Price for contributing the photos.


In Loving Memory - Marjorie 17-024
Dori Olsen

Oh Marjorie, of the blue bonnets and the tennis balls and her forever loving family, Anthony and Judy Truesdale. She was an older lady of 10 years when she joined the Truesdale family, but they had loved her for months before she became theirs. Her story beckoned them and they wanted to give her a wonderful home for the rest of her life, which they did. They wanted no dog other than Marjorie.

Marjorie was found in a drainage ditch in north San Antonio by a Good Samaritan who was walking his dog. His dog wouldn’t stop barking and wouldn’t come when he called, so he thought the dog had found a turtle. He investigated and found Marjorie in a drainage ditch, her head barely above the water, utterly exhausted and desperate. She couldn’t hang on much longer. The Good Samaritan waded into the ditch and carried Marjorie up the hill, where she had to rest for 25 minutes before she could even move. They slowly walked the half mile to the house, where Marjorie received an hour long bath in warm soapy water and loved it. She especially loved the brushing she received afterwards. The Good Sam kept Marjorie for a month or so, helping her to recover, and then contacted GRR

Anthony and Judy read about Marjorie on the GRR website and knew immediately that she had to be part of their family. They waited months for their Marjorie because her medical issues needed to be attended to, but finally Marjorie came to her forever home. She fit in as if she had always been there and loved her new family immediately. And they loved her!

Tennis balls and rocks! What a combination! Marjorie loved them both and would continue chasing balls until her throwing partner gave up. Her rock habit wasn’t quite so much fun because she loved chewing on them and her teeth showed it. She didn’t have the opportunity to go back into the water, but she loved chasing the hose. She had exciting dreams because her legs would get moving in her sleep like she was running a marathon. She snuggled with her family and exhibited her Golden trait of claiming pets and forehead strokes. What a love!

Marjorie became ill and, after discussing it for several days, the Truesdales decided that it was best for Marjorie to let her go. Marjorie’s story is an example of the true meaning of the word “rescue.” She was loved and cherished until the very end.


Deanna Johnson

GRR Hannie (originally Handsome Devil) is going to be a movie star! He will be filming for a short film about a man and his dog in March. The film is being submitted to Sundance, SXSW and Telluride! I will be on set and will share his behind-the-scenes shots!


GRR Monthly Status Report: January 24 - February 23
Paula Ellis

Came into care:18-012 Francesca, 18-013 Ellie, 18-014 Cash, 18-015 Chuck, 18-016 Latte, 18-017 Libby, 18-018 Havely, 18-019 Reese, 18-020 Athena, 18-021 Oliver

Adopted:17-106 Dahlia, 17-148 Boo, 17-121 Cowboy, 17-136 Sadie, 17-143 Eira, 17-145 Anjali, 17-142 Cady, 17-144 Taranji, 17-095 Abigail

Currently in Foster Care: 41 Dogs - 17 available/available soon, 14 foster pending adoptions, 10 permanent fosters


If I had a Dollar...



Gold Ribbon Rescue's 2018 Calendar is almost sold out. They are now $10.00 so order yours right away here. Thanks for supporting our beautiful Goldens!


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It's Tax Time!

Tax Deductibility reminder

As a 501(c)(3), GRR is a "qualified organization." The IRS allows you to claim the following deductions as charitable contributions, if you itemize: Mileage for every mile you travel for GRR purposes: vet appointments, transport, home visits, etc. Direct expenses such as food, medical supplies and other items for a foster dog. Money spent on envelopes, postage, containers for supplies, baggies for supplies, membership fees, dues, etc.

From publication 526: "You may be able to deduct membership fees or dues you pay to a qualified organization. However, you can deduct only the amount that is more than the value of the benefits you receive." GRR always recommends that you talk with your tax consultant/adviser on all deductions. See publication 526 here.


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Through Randalls' Good Neighbor Program, organizations sign up to have an exclusive account number. Members of an organization can then link the account number to their Remarkable card. You can link your favorite participating charity to your Remarkable card by completing a Good Neighbor Charity Addition/Deletion Form. The more people who link their card to the organization's account number, the more money the organization will raise. GRR has established an account with Randalls for donation purposes. Our account number is 8583.

If you haven't done so already, please link your Randalls card to GRR. We appreciate their support. We appreciate YOUR support!