Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-055

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age:10 months

Weight: 80

Personality: The call came as I got out of my car in the HEB parking lot. Would I foster a big 10-month-old named Thunder? With no travel plans in the immediate future and a two-year-old Golden that drives his eight-year-old Golden buddy crazy with his demands to play “bitey head” all day, I figured this was the perfect time to add a foster dog to our home.  

BIG he is! Thunder has a long, lean body, and his long legs make him tall enough to easily rest his chin on the dining table without lifting his head. Our standard size Goldens can practically walk underneath him. But his size betrays his gentle spirit and easy-going manner. So far, we’ve learned he takes treats gently, but he isn’t all that interested in food. He likes to be close to people, gives soft little kisses, enjoys being scratched behind his ears, was very cooperative when I groomed his ears and paws, and slept through the first night peacefully in his XL crate. He loves a good run in the backyard, plays well with our Golden boys, likes to bark at the golfers as they play through just outside of the fence, and loves being close to people. He is cautious for a few minutes when he meets a new person, but it doesn’t take long for him to decide you are welcome to pet and snuggle him. 

Thunder and Moose (2-year-old GR) are having a great time romping around in the back yard, looking for Ms. Squirrel, and rolling in the leaves. I think Thunder will thrive in a forever home with another dog as a playmate.

Thunder is a healthy 10-month-old puppy; he is not extremely high-energy, but as mentioned, he is BIG, and although I expect he has grown to his full height, he will continue to fill out and gain weight as he matures. We went for a short walk Sunday morning, and he exhibited excellent loose leash walking skills, he had no problems wearing the harness and he did a great job ignoring the joggers.

We are now on day 6 of his foster care and he is making himself at home.  He loves to swipe socks, towels, and anything soft.  This is not a difficult task considering he is tall enough to help himself to dishtowels or anything left on the counter.  Each day he is sharing more of his silly puppy personality; don't get me wrong. He is not a crazy puppy, but he does have his mischievous moments.

Ideal Home: Thunder is definitely a big boy but what makes him extraordinary is his easy-going manner and his gentle spirit.  His ideal home is with an active family willing to continue his training and make sure he gets the exercise a young dog needs. Thunder will benefit from a family with another dog that loves to play. Check back often for updates on this handsome hunk of love.


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