Star and Babies

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-010 - Star (Momma)

GRR Number: 23-012 - Pisces / White

GRR Number: 23-013 - Aries / Blue

GRR Number: 23-014 - Taurus / Green

GRR Number: 23-016 - Virgo / Yellow

GRR Number: 23-018 - Capricorn / Red

Type of Surrender: Strays, Alton Texas

Status: We are accepting adoption applications for the puppies who will be ready for adoption April 7

Age: Star is about 1 and the puppies were born on February 7.


Puppy Update:  March 28

The puppies are 6 weeks old and their voices and personalities are starting to shine.  They especially enjoy the puppy slide.  Too cute watching puppies go down a slide.

Star continues to be very sweet and fun. She can get a bit overly excited when playing with the pups as her play style is a few weeks ahead of the pups’ ability. Star is feeling very comfortable at home and with Bear and Mylo. She absolutely lover her walks! Her stools have been showing signs of improvement with adding pumpkin and rice to her diet. 

Yellow can hold her own with the larger pups and stands up nicely for herself. She loves romping around and exploring the yard. Yellow has a sweet and lovable demeanor.

White continues to be a total doll and is super friendly.  She loves exploring the yard and playing with her siblings. White is starting to enjoy rooting around in the yard.

Red is coming out of his shell more every day but he still enjoys time away from his siblings to explore by himself.  Red really loves being around people and falling asleep in your lap. 

Green is the most vocal of the pups.  He is very communicative in letting you know if he’s hungry or doesn’t want to be picked up right now.  He loves to play and is an explorer. Green is also very interested in Mylo, his foster sibling. 

Blue can be a little shy and timid but he’s very sweet  Blue loves playing, enjoys occasional alone time and really enjoys being around people. He did a nice job taking his medications and is looking much better.

They continue to get bigger and smarter every day. It is so much fun watching them grow and learn new things every day. They are actually doing a nice job of potty and poop outside --- they are puppies so still go in their condo but they are trying to do their business outside. We are very proud foster parents as these puppies are sweet, loving, social and smart.  Good pups!!!!

Here is a link to a playtime video.

 News Flash:  Puppy Update

The story of Star and Her Puppies touched all of us.  However one of our supporters was so touched that they are donating half the adoption fee for each puppy.  While this supporter wishes to remain anonymous, they are thrilled to be making a difference in each puppy’s life.  With this donation, the puppy adoption fee is $225 and we are now accepting puppy applications.  

Which puppy is which? 

Aries has the blue collar and is a male

Pisces has the white collar and is a female

Capricorn has a red collar and is a male

Taurus has a green collar and is a male

Virgo has a yellow collar and is a female


Stay-turned for more updates.  If you are interested in adopting Star or the puppies, please complete and application.

Puppy Update 3/23/23:

The pups are going up FAST! It is so much fun watching them grow and learn new and exciting things everyday. They are eating more puppy gruel everyday, mom is still helping but I can tell she is looking forward to no more momma food. They are doing a great job of drinking water as well. 

A quick personality update:

Red  is such a sweet boy.  He likes to play with the others but likes his alone time as well. He will sometimes sleep away from the rest, really likes people and is excited to spend lots of time with you. 

Yellow is such a cutie! She is fun, happy and can more than hold her own with the larger pups --- don't mess with Miss Yellow!

White is a total doll! Alway excited to visit with people and play with her siblings, White loves exploring the yard and is alway the last one to come inside.

Green has grown into such a sweetie!   He loves attention and playing with Blue and exploring the yard is such a joy to him.  Green can be bossy but don't mess with Yellow, Mister Green. She won't take any of your guff.

Blue is such a sweet boy.  He loves attention and being held, loves to play, dig and explore. Blue is a trooper taking his meds but not a fan of the baths.  He’s all boy.

Of course Star is a total doll!  Star is enjoying less time with the kids and more time with her foster siblings Mylo and Bear. She loves to snuggle with humans for a few minutes and is building up courage to walk across tile floors. When left alone Star is fine with Mylo and Bear so no need to confine her.

Here are a few links to playtime videos: Video 1, Video 2.

 Update 3/8/23:  Star is doing great, her confidence is growing daily and she enjoys short walks and sniffing new smells. Star is a great mom and very attentive to her pups. She is starting to play with foster brothers Bear and Mylo.  Most of all, Star loves her time with people!

At four weeks, the pups are healthy and their personalities are just starting to come out. With each passing day they are becoming more active.  From what we see thus far, the 3 boys and 2 girls are doing wonderfully.  Here’s a breakdown: 

White/Pisces is a female who is very friendly, lovable, social, loves attention ,and loves to eat!  She is not aggressive but will use her size to get to the food. 

Yellow/Virgo is a female who also is friendly and loves attention; however, she can be a bit bossy and will tell the other pups if she wants something. 

Green/Taurus is a male and he’ll let you know when he is mad that he’s being picked up, held, etc and wants to be playing with his litter mates.

Blue/Aries is a male who likes to play with siblings, likes to be independent and loves to tug on his siblings’ ears and tails.

Red/Capricorn is a male who is social but enjoys stepping away from the pack and being by himself. Capricorn enjoys human cuddling and playing with foster bro Bear thru the playpen.


2/22/23 – Because the puppies had a rough start to their lives, we expected there could be some challenges when the puppies came in.  Considerable care was given in selecting the right foster home but even with supplemental feedings, four of the puppies struggled and Aquarius, Libra and Gemini did not make it in spite of every attempt to give these puppies the care they needed.  The five remaining puppies appear to be doing well, are gaining weight and seem healthy.  Their eyes are opening, they are starting to walk around and do appropriate puppy things.  Star is sweet, friendly, social and a great mom.  We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

GRR wasalerted to a Facebook post about a young dog that had been dumped in an apartment complex in Alton, TX who had given birth to 8 babies. It was cold and they were lying in rocks and dirt. The finder was desperately trying to get them help so he was frantically using social media to share their story. 

Once we were aware of this young mom and her puppies, we jumped into action.  Two of our volunteers drove to south Texas to rescue this family of 5 girls and 3 boys plus mom whom we named Star. The puppies appear mixed but they needed help and we believe helping this litter was the right thing to do.   We’ll make frequent puppy postings on Facebook and Instagram to update you.

There is not much to tell about this young family yet. Mom and pops are being kept separated from other dogs in the house and Star is much to busy taking care of her squeaky young family to play. She timid and scared of new things but is friendly to people and freely approaches them.

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