Shiner and Billie

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 
Names:  Shiner (GRR Number 16-096) and Billie (GRR Number 18-076
Type of Surrender:  Owner Turn in
Sex:  Shiner (male) and Billie (female)
Age:  Shiner 5 and Billie  10
Shiner snd Billie we’re surrendered by longtime GRR supporters who have adopted or fostered 6 GRR dogs over the years. They adopted Shiner 2 years ago and found Billie as a stray and took her in before that. The couple truly loved all animals and especially Goldens. 
Due to health problems, the couple had to move into a care facility and were unable to take the dogs. Therefore, they contacted GRR and asked for Shiner to come back to GRR. We said ‘of course’ and offered to take Billie as well under our companion policy since the two dogs are bonded. The couple is happy and grateful knowing Shiner and Billie can stay together.  The dogs are currently together in foster care and we are looking for a forever adopting home. More details on their personalities soon.
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