Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 16-041

Type of Surrender: Austin Animal Center

Status: Available

Age: ~3 years

Weight: 55 lbs (Ideal weight)


Sasha is a strikingly beautiful girl, with an equally beautiful personality. She has a flowy golden coat with a darker muzzle, and big, beautiful soulful eyes. Sasha is possibly a shepherd, pyrenees, golden mix, but she is incredibly sweet and gentle although a little shy, and she always shows a warm Golden personality. Consistent with the Golden nature, Sasha wants nothing more than to be loved and to ensure that her people are happy.

She is also very curious about her new surroundings, and explores everything with gentle, quiet curiosity. She is curious about other dogs, and does appreciate their company. She’s even curious about the cat, although the cat did not appreciate her curiousity. Sasha now walks a large, avoidant circle around the cat, as to not disturb it’s space. Toys are also new and unfamiliar objects. The tennis ball is still being examined for understanding.

Although, there are lots of new things for Sasha to learn, she is pro at others. Her indoor house manners are reliant and admirable. Thunderstorms are no big deal for her. Walks are enjoyable, as she displays amazing leash manners. She’s gentle when taking treats and when she asks to be petted by nudging your hand. She’s low key as far as energy requirements, although every now and then she likes to bolt across the yard.

Sasha is a loving, gentle soul that is looking for a quiet, supportive, loving family to call her own. If you’re looking for a gentle, sweet, petite, low key girl, put an application in to meet Sasha!

Ideal home:

Sasha is a little shy and would do well in a quiet, adult home with people willing to shower her with love, and teach her all the fun things Golden’s enjoy. She may need some assistance in gaining confidence while she transitions into her new place. Additionally, she is a little unsure of men, but she is never aggressive and does warm up with time. In return for the extra love and support, she promises to shower you with love, to display excellent house manners, and to gently nudge your hand to remind you that she loves you!


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