Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-042

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 11 months

Personality: Penne is a sweet young Golden gal who is full of puppyish energy and loves to run! Her foster family reports that she is one fast girl too!! So far in her current home, Penne has not had any accidents and she will alert the humans that she needs to go out with a little whine. She has been left alone for brief time periods and has proven to be a good girl so far. Penne came from her previous home with a crate, where she spent a lot of her time, but has not needed to be in her crate in her foster home. At this time, Penne has not been observed around children. She did live with cats in her previous home, and seems to like them.  Penne’s foster family reports that she has not had the chance to interact with other dogs yet but enjoys looking out the window to watch other dogs walk by in the neighborhood.

Penne rides calmly in the car, and although she hasn’t had the opportunity to go swimming yet, she does love a good romp in the sprinkler!  Her foster family has also noted Penne’s love of water, as this silly girl will try to join you for a shower, if allowed! At times, Penne can get a little rowdy when she wants to play and, in those moments, she might grab a sock or random item, but so far she has not chewed anything up.  She does not appear to be bothered by weather/thunderstorms. At night, Penne sleeps in a dog bed beside her foster family, she needs to be tucked in a few times, but once the lights go out she settles down.

Unless you are engaging her to play, Penne does not really jump up on people…but she will climb right into your lap if you’re sitting down. Goldens are lap dogs, right? She loves to retrieve a ball or toy but takes her time in giving it back.  In the house, she will sometimes bring you a sock or toy and place it in our lap as a gift, especially if she wants your attention. Her foster family reports that she picked out a Hedgehog toy at PetsMart and has been carrying it around the house ever since! So far, Penne has responded well to the word “no” in her foster home. She is an active dog but wants to be loved by her people and stay close to them.  She is very responsive to your voice and will listen to what you want her to do.

Penne does need some guidance and practice when walking on a leash. She does pull, so will need a strong human (initially) to help her as she learns, but her foster family feels that Penne will grow and make great progress in this area as she aims to please.

Ideal Home: Penne would benefit from a home where her humans live an active lifestyle. Lots of walks and playing fetch would be perfect for her as she loves to run and play in the yard. At the same time, Penne loves a good cuddle and with some minor work to improve while walking on a leash, she will easily pull on your heartstrings. Penne would be fine in a home with cats, and possibly other dogs and small children. Overall, Penne has so much love, energy, and silliness to share with her future forever family!

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