Honey and JoJo

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Numbers: Honey - 20-077; JoJo – 20078

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Ages: Honey – 13, JoJo – 11

Weight: Honey – 55, JoJo – a whopping 84.

Honey and JoJo are a bonded pair: Honey is the golden colored mom and JoJo is her daughter. Dad was a Lab, thus JoJo’s black color.

A bit on their background:  Honey and JoJo were owned by an older couple whose  living situation changed due to health challenges and they were no longer able to care for Honey and JoJo.  The couple gave the pair to family member.  After a couple of years, the family member’s living situation changed and needed to rehome the pair.  So the family called GRR for help..  Of course we can help and since the pair is older and bonded, we brought both into GRR care.  They are currently together in a foster home and both need a together forever home.

Personalities: Honey and Jojo are calm, happy dogsBoth dogs have had no accidents in the house and seem to be completely potty trained. Neither have been kept in a crate and are free to roam their foster home when no one is home. At night, they sleep on their doggy beds in the master bedroom.  They have peeked at children through the fence and neither has a problem with them. Both girls take their treats gently and neither will jump up on their foster folks.

Honey and JoJo instigate play with each other. They enjoy their daily walks:  Honey is pretty easy going but JoJo pulls a bit which the foster family is working on. I guess that easy walking gene missed JoJo. When encountering cats on their walks they both growl and want to chase who they need a “no cat” home.   They haven’t been around water yet but like to be near their humans during thunderstorms. 

Honey doesn’t seem interested in toys, but JoJo has become attached to a green stuffy turtle. She will retrieve it and take it to her bed. They both sleep through the night. Honey likes to be brushed and JoJo will tolerate for a few minutes. Honey even let foster mom “vacuum” the extra hair of her fluffy body.

As far as their energy levels, Honey and JoJo are low to middle energy. Both enjoy following their humans during the day and of course, napping.  They are especially happy that their foster mom and dad are working from home now so they spend much of their day under their desks.  

Ideal Home: As mentioned earlier, they are a bonded pair and need to be kept together. They need a family who is content to just love two low-key dogs.  Definitely no cats in the family, but older children would be fine for them. Both girls have been bounced around a bit so they need a forever home who will ensure their lives are truly “golden.”

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