Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-076

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 3-4

Weight: 67

Personality: As promised, we have learned more about Harley. She is a beautiful, happy, attention-seeking golden. She is so excited to see her foster family when they come home that she jumps up on them. They prefer to think of it as Harley giving them hugs. She’s had no accidents in the house and plays well with the other dogs. The car doesn’t seem to be an issue for her and even laid her head on foster mom’s shoulder while driving. Harley is great on the leash and loves to take walks. She loves balls and toys, but if the ball is thrown, she has a look that says, “why did you do that?”

As sweet as Harley is, she’s had an unsettled life to this point and does need training, lots of physical exercise, and mental stimulation. She does steal food from the counter and destroys toys. These are some of the indicators that she needs to be trained and kept occupied and distracted from any bad habit. While foster mom is working from home, Harley lays down next to her quietly, as if knowing that this is not the proper time to play. She is a very smart girl.

She has not been exposed to thunderstorms, but she definitely did not like the New Years’ Eve fireworks. She was fine, however, in her crate with mom in the room. Harley has a lot of energy, some of which could be nervous energy since she’s not familiar with the family’s routine yet. She follows anybody who walks about the house…lots of exercise when everybody is home! She’d love to be on the couch or bed, but that will come with time.

Harley absolutely loves people…everybody as far as the family can see. Her sweet nature may sometimes overshadow her occasional naughty puppy-like behavior. This further goes to show that she needs lots love, activity, training, and patience. This can be accomplished with consistency and lots of love.

Ideal Home: Harley needs an attentive loving home with opportunities to run and play. I think she would love to have another dog but the right active family could take the place of another dog. Her foster mom thinks she would love jogging. She does great with our two boys (12 and 14) but would probably run over younger children with her happy big puppy energy. She has had a lot of transition in her life. Hopefully, whoever takes her plans to keep her so she doesn't have to endure settling into yet another home. I have no doubt that the right family will fall in love with Harley!

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