Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-006

Type of Surrender: Owner turn In

Status: Available

Age: 10

Weight: 59

Personality: Gypsy is settling into her foster home. She was possibly surrendered from her original home because of some issues with small children. This, plus and jumping habit are being worked on in her foster home. She doesn't react much to the other dog in the house except when it comes to who gets how much attention from mom and dad! Gypsy hasn't been exposed to cats.

She's a good girl in the car and good on the leash as well. She does like to stop and sniff, but after all, isn't that the point of a walk? Gypsy is calm in the house and sleeps a lot, and through the night. She not a big toy gal and tolerates grooming, acting like a 59-pound wiggle worm.

Gypsy is very sweet and mellow in the house, but in back yard she likes to run around and bark, announcing herself to the neighborhood. And she loves her walks. When it's time for dinner she performs a little Gypsy-dance, twirling in cute little circles.

This new information came from her foster family after some more time of getting to know her. She is turning into quite the gem. She has developed quite the case of the zoomies andthey are adorable!! And her tail is a weapon! Watch out! And when Gyps gets excited, she does the tippy taps which is also super cute!! And walks, she loves walks and gets super, super excited for walkies!! She can barely contain her excitement!! And neck scratches, oh does she love the neck scratches!! She really is an amazing puppo!! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Gyps is a quick study and super smart, she's eager to learn and is quick to pick up new tricks!

Ideal Home: Gypsy would be the perfect dog for an older person or couple looking for a companion and someone to go on walkies with. Gypsy would be okay in a family with oother dogs if those people were diligent in helping Gypsy learn how to live with other dogs and treat them with respect.



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