Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-079

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In - San Marcos

Status: Hold

Age: ~7

Weight: 80

Daisy is a cute red girl. When she came to GRR it was obvious that, just like a lot of us humans, middle-age had added a few extra pounds to her. But her GRR foster family is working on that.

Personality: Daisy is already housebroken, and her foster family have not found it necessary to crate her. She's free to roam the house. She plays VERY well the other dogs and does not bother the household cats at all. She has not been exposed to children but given her sweet nature her family assumes she'd be just fine. She gets excited to see people and will jump up, but it seems to be mostly around men.

Daisy does great in the car and is great on the leash. She apparently has some experience with walkies because she is very comfortable doing her business on the leash.

Daisy loves to play ball and will chase and retrieve it but not necessarily drop it. I guess she figures she just did all the work! This little scamp likes to snatch the ball away from the other dog in the house when they aren't looking! Typical of so many of her kind, she does enjoy a fun game of squeaky de-stuffing!

She hasn't had a chance to swim, but it appears that she is just fine with the thought of water because she will get into the shower when someone is done with it and will also jump in and out of an empty bath tub.

Daisy is not bothered by thunderstorms - brave girl! She sleeps like a champ through the night and is the proverbial bed hog!

To summarize Daisy's personality, her foster family has said that she is such a lover, is very happy, and has a lot of love to give. In fact, they say she is perfect, with so much personality. She adores attention.

Ideal Home: Daisy would love a home with another dog and a family who will take her on walks and play lots of ball with her. Oh yes. Her ideal family should love the company of a sweet, loving dog in their bed at night!




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