GRR Number: 17-042

Age: 12

Sponsored by: 

Chula is Co-Sponsored by Anne and Doug Williams. 

Chula, age 12, was an owner surrender from San Antonio.  Chula’s  owner had medical issues so a new family member moved in to care for her owner.  Unfortunatlely,  the new family member wasn’t a dog lover so moved Chula outside to care for herself.  GRR received a call that there was “a Golden Retriever wandering around the neighborhood, lying in the street, walking slowly and not getting any protection from the cold.  She also has raspy breathing, difficulty standing, matted and covered with fleas.  Can you help?”

And that’s how this sweet, sweet, sweet girl came to GRR.  Chula is an easy-going gal around other dogs and gentle by nature.  She rides great in the car, sleeps soundly through the night and is a voracious eater.  She loves all people and is truly one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.

Chula has several health issues. She has inoperable adrenal gland tumors which flood her body with steroids, resulting in muscle wasting, hair loss and a huge abdomen.  This also causes her to drink and urinate to excess, so she needs to potty every few hours.

Chula also has mobility issues. She can’t get up off the floor without assistance so she wears a HelpEmUp harness at all times, so that her foster parents  can lift her off the floor.  She requires their assistance 30+ times daily.

In spite of these issues, Chula is happy and engaged with life.  She insists on being at her foster mom’s side at all times, and will bark whenever she’s out of Chula’s sight.  Chula is a special girl who deserves the royal GRR treatment.


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