Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-071

Type of Surrender: Stray from SAACF

Status: Available

Age: Approximately 10

Weight: 69

Bella Update - 10/9/18: Three months have gone by since Bella came to GRR and she has absolutely blossomed. She is completely housebroken, has no need for a crate, and has complete reign of the house day and night. She still hasn't met any children, but everyone she meets she greets excitedly. It seems she has never met a stranger. Even though she greets company enthusiaticaly, she has never laid a paw on them. Instead she performs a little excited dance. Once company arrives, she takes ownership of the room, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and properly looked after.

She is very good with other dogs but does get a little territorial when it comes to a certain few toys that she has claimed. But if there are plenty of toys to go around, she shares nicely. Cats are watched closely through the window, but she is calm and shows no aggressions.

Bella loves to walk and zig-zags happily along the sidewalk, following her nose. She LOVES her walks. Bella hasn't had a chance to try swimming yet.

Her favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is to chase balls and ropes. She has made this her life's mission. Bella is always on the hunt for new toy that requires chewing!

Inside the house Bella is very much a Velcro Golden, clinging right by her foster mom's side wherever and whenever. She pouts a bit if mom has to go to the garage or do her business behind closed doors. She always wants to be involved, whether it is helping bring the groceries in from the garage or share mom's nap time.

Since Bella is a clinger no matter what the weather is like, when it is rainy and stormy she definitely wants to be inside with her foster folks. If it's potty time during a storm, she needs somebody to go with her and stand on the porch to make sure she does her business.

After chasing balls, Bella's second favorite thing is getting brushed. She loves every minute of it, even on her belly. She will do anything you want, just as long as you keep brushing her.

Bella is a sweet, energetic senior. You wouldn't realize she was 10+ if not for her frosty white face. She's always up for a walk or play time. She can even handle a short jog.

Ideal Home: Her forever family must be looking for a great companion. Oh, and they must, must, must have a never-ending supply of tennis balls. Bella is heart worm positive and still going through her treatments for that. She can be adopted during treatment.

Bella is a senior stunner with curly red hair. She was found stray with another dog and both were microchipped. Attempts to contact their owner failed so Bella (and her friend) were rescued by GRR. She was timid and scared at the shelter when GRR went to retrieve her but she warmed up quickly to treats and affection.

Does she like to retrieve? Yes. Bella is obsessed with chasing balls but won’t necessarily give it back! “That’s MY ball!” She hasn’t been around water or cats, so we don’t know if she likes to swim or how she feels about kitties. Bella loves to be brushed.

She is medium to high energy, which is great for a dog her age. If she doesn’t want or like something, she puts her head down on the floor and puts on an award winning “shy” act. She has a very powerful, wiggly tail, a real coffee table clearer! She has learned to appreciate the comforts of the couch.

Her foster family believes Bella is “bilingual”. She seems to understand both English and Spanish but is a bit stubborn and sometimes will not respond to either. She is a strong, independent lady and tends to do what pleases her.


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