Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-022

Type of Surrender: Lockhart Animal Shelter

Status: Available

Age: 2

Here is an update to what we know about Asher after some quality time in her foster home. She has turned into quite a gem.

Asher likes to start the day by playfully picking on Major (our 3 year old Golden) until he responds, and then it’s off to the races for both of them. She has adapted well to her two “brothers” and is now one of the gang. She’s also fast!
She diligently keeps the back yard safe from all intruders, real and imagined. By the way, today her family discovered that she can and likes to swim. She got out of our back gate and promptly went and jumped in the pond, swam out to the middle and paddled back to shore, happy as a clam. Golden/Lab genes abound!
Asher is very, very sweet. Loves attention and snuggles and giving lots of wet kisses. She is still a little hesitant and shy, but we are working on building trust with her.
Her ideal home includes a decent back yard in which to run and explore, and a person with the heart to rebuild trust in this sweet girl. Obedience training would be crucial, as she seems super-eager to learn, and is already working on sit/stay commands. Having one or two other dogs to play with would be great - she loves hanging with our two guys. BUT, she would ALSO do very well in an active family without dogs.



Personality: Asher has a super sweet temperament and is already learning to sit and other good behaviors. She is house broken and free to roam the house. She's very gentle and doesn't jump up on people that come into the house, although she is very excited when her foster family comes home.

Asher hasn't been exposed to children or cats so how she would respond to them is not known. But since she is so calm in the house, one would think she'd be fine. She is also very calm while being groomed. She loves balls but doesn't believe in returning it to you if you throw it! Cars make her a bit nervous at this point, so she'll need some time to learn that cars are fun and take you to fun places.

Asher gets along well with the other two dogs in the house and like human females. She can be skittish when confronted with new situations but usually just needs more time to relax to the new environment.  She’s gaining more confidence and trust every day.

Ideal Home: Asher would do well with a young couple who have plenty of time for training and love. Another dog would be a great playmate for Asher.


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