Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-070

Type of Surrender: PVAC

Status: Available

Age: 10-11

Weight: 60

Annie came to GRR from Palm Valley Animal Center very dirty and matted. It was obvious that she hadn't been taken care of and has probably had a tough life - until now!


Annie, or as she is known by her foster family “Annie Bananie”, is an 10ish year-old sweetheart. Annie came to GRR’s care in July with several benign tumors that needed to be removed. Her surgery was successful and she is now recovered.

Annie’s foster family says they are still waiting for Annie to have a bad habit. So far she only plays with and chews on dog toys, is house trained, sleeps through the night and even sleeps in late on weekends. She does not know what counter surfing is and never touches anything in the pantry that is left open 24/7. Annie is a velcro dog. Wherever her family goes, she follows except for going upstairs. Annie goes up and down outside stairs but will not go to the second floor of her foster’s house. Annie is a dream on a leash, gets along with cats and other dogs and rides well in the car. Annie does not get on furniture but, if she is hoisted up on her foster’s bed, she will sleep there cuddled beside her family with a smile on her face.

Currently Annie is home alone during the day while her foster family works outside of the home. She sleeps a lot and is an absolute couch potato.

Ideal Home: Annie would do well with or without other dogs, with or without a loud home since she doesn't hear well. She is extremely easy going and does great when home alone. She is a great companion and would love a forever home to love her for the rest of her life.

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