Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 16-080

Type of Surrender: Stray - turned in by good samaritan

Status: Matched

Age: 6

Weight: 56

Personality: Sweet blonde Garrett came into his new foster home ready to love and learn. Garrett is already totally housetrained, does well while in his crate, and is a perfect gentlemen when roaming free about the house exploring. This loveable six-year-old does have a few things to learn, like not to pull on the leash when on walkies and that he is not old enough to drive! He does great in the car, but needs to ride in the back or else he tries to climb in his foster mom’s lap and take over the wheel! He is happily absorbing all of the basic commands that a good dog should master and learning them quite quickly.

Garrett loves, loves, loves to play fetch (he’s a golden retriever, after all) and he totally enjoys the attention of a good grooming. He seems to have good energy and that will undoubtedly improve after he is treated for that nasty old heartworm.

Garrett is a lovable dog, so much so that he makes his foster feel loved and completely comfortable with him.

Ideal home: Garrett gets a little growly and nippy around other dogs and has had no exposure to cats, so a home in which he is the only 4-legged child would be best for him. But when it comes to people, he is completely loving and affectionate. He also needs a family who willing and capable of taking him through his heartworm treatment.

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