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November 2017

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Newsletter Editor:
Dorian Olsen

Technical Editor:
Jeroen Naus

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A Message from Our President...
Margo Biba

Dear Friends,

Three cheers for GRR board member Kathy Simmons and her marvelous dog blankets. Kathy makes fleece blankets in crazy fabrics, which she peddles at dog events from Austin to San Antonio, donating the proceeds to GRR. Last weekend, she reported $1,659 in sales and $30 in donations. Just imagine how much veterinary care she has provided GRR foster dogs over the years! One person can make a huge difference.

I’m preoccupied with the dread that all of us Golden lovers experience when our beloved elderly dog fails. Our hospice foster, #17-042 Chula, is slowing down, and soon we’ll be faced with the decision of when to schedule euthanasia. Chula has an abundance of health issues: inoperable adrenal gland tumors which flood her body with steroids, liver failure, and severe mobility and urination challenges. Although Chula is fading, she still loves going on our nightly 5:00 Dog Drive through the neighborhood and she loves to eat: “Hey, Feed Me First!” For today, she is happy enough.

On a national level, Love Puerto Rico Golden Retriever Rescue reached out to GR rescues in the continental U.S. “Puerto Rico has been under a recession since 2006 and that has skyrocketed the strays and the surrendering of dogs. With the passing of hurricane Maria, the situation is worse. The island is devastated. There is no power in 90% of the island. There is no potable water. There is not enough dog food and shelters. Rescuers are desperate to find relief.” Golden Retriever rescues across the U.S. are stepping up to take Goldens. Currently, the biggest challenge is an embargo, which means that no dog can leave via commercial airlines; only private planes.

Meanwhile, GRR continues to help Goldens in Mexico City. GRR #17-123M Toby arrived in Austin this weekend and GRR #17-12XM Cody is scheduled for late October. Hurrah to Benjamin Romano for spearheading this effort by acting as GRR’s liaison to identify, vet, board, and transport Goldens to their new beginnings.

Enjoy the newsletter!

As Ever,


Letter From The Editor
Dori Olsen

Rusty Olsen

Hello to you all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and enjoyed many “treats” and few “tricks.” Thanks to all of you who posted your costumed dog photos on Facebook or emailed them to me. I laughed A LOT when I looked at them and I’ve included them in this issue for your enjoyment.

Our Tree of Hope is launching on November 18th and will run through the end of December. Stay tuned for more information about how you can help our dogs in need through giving to the Tree of Hope.

We lost a number of our GRR Goldens in October. Our sincere condolences to all of the families. It’s so very, very difficult to lose our babies but I’m sure that many wonderful memories are left behind.

And finally, this is the month of Turkey Day: turkey, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing and pumpkin pie. Our dogs enjoy celebrations also. An article appears at the end of this issue with easy pumpkin treats that you can make for your dog. And who doesn’t love pumpkin? Yum!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving.


This month's contributors:
Jen Micyk
Denise Maples
Staci Osburn
Ishele Graves
Paula Ellis
Dr. Ron Stried
Amy Sebesta
Linda Wolf
Jeroen Naus
Dawn Marie Rae


Upcoming Events

Our annual Tree of Hope is launching on November 18th! Stay tuned for more details about this important event. We appreciate all of your support that enables us to help so many Goldens.


Help Wanted

Video producer:
Knowledgeable of at least one application to produce videos from existing dog profiles and photos. Used during fundraising campaigns and events. Please contact Paula Ellis.

Newsletter contributor:
1 hour/month. Contacting adoptive families and foster families for features, external subjects. Collect or write articles and solicit for photos. Time volunteered flexible. As little as 1 hour a month depending on how much you want to do. Please contact Dori Olsen.

Foster Coordinators:
Guiding foster families through the fostering process, answer their questions as they arise and show them where documentation resides. The foster coordinator must have minimal experience with the drawing up of contracts. Anyone interested can contact Lonni Swanson.

Twitter or Instagram poster:
Increase awareness of GRR, its activities, and adoptable dogs, including posts of currently available dogs. Promote GRR's fundraisers such as Amplify Austin, GoFundMe campaigns and social events. Miscellaneous interesting dog/GR facts, humorous, or educational posts, often via retweets. We currently post four tweets per day using a scheduling app so it's not real time posting and can be scheduled at your convenience. Time is usually no more than 2 hours per week. Can swap months with another volunteer. Please contact Eileen Joyce for more details.


Gold Ribbon Rescue's 2018 Calendar!

Our 2018 GRR calendar is off to production. You can pre-order yours here. They're great holiday gifts!


Thibeaux - Our Hurricane Harvey Golden

The stories Thibeaux could tell! This Golden gentleman was saved from drowning by the Cajun Navy during Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts near La Porte. The flooding left him panting and acting very anxious. That terrible calamity, as emotionally devastating as it was, started a turnaround in Thibeaux’s life that is nothing short of amazing.

You see, life according to Thibeaux up to that point was not that great (gross understatement!) In his previous household he wore a thick collar and was chained to a big tree in his front yard, 24/7/365. His only companions were pit bulls roaming around protecting the property. He was no stranger to surviving.

That existence is part of his past and his future, now in GRR’s care, could not look brighter. When he arrived from Houston, the vet techs went to work. He was very matted and very rank but that quickly changed. He had no problem being pampered with a grooming tour de force. However, during his complete medical check-up, the extent of his past care became apparent. While amazingly heartworm negative, his teeth are worn like he was chewing on rocks and are more like those of a twelve year old. Likely due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise, he has some arthritis in his vertebrae. But that does not seem to slow him down now that he is free to move about his fosters' home.

As you can imagine, Thibeaux had no inside manners since he rarely was inside! That is quickly changing in his new environs as he soaks up the love and affection and training of his fosters. His anxiety from the hurricane is slowly subsiding and he is gradually revealing his Golden personality. It is unmistakable! He loves meeting adults and is calm around them, with no jumping up. He gently takes treats from your hand and has no problem with people coming close to his bowl. He is, however, still protective with other dogs approaching his food, so there is always some separation at mealtime. That will likely fade as he understands the new realities of life with GRR. His nutrition is over the top.

With some creative approaches to house training, his fosters are making good progress in getting him to do his business outside. Like many rescues who have not been socialized, he had no clue what to do with toys but he is quick on the up-take. While previously toys were unheard of, he will now drag the toy box to the middle of the room and select a toy to play with. He really enjoyed going after a huge two foot balancing ball, hilariously chasing it around the house. Sometimes he will grab his toy of the moment and just lay down with it, basking in his new reality. At other times, he will run to the backyard with his selection. His playful nature is now coming out in spades and it does wonders in releasing the stress of his recent past.

He is discovering that walks are great things,as well. They are even more fun with a canine companion along, like his foster’s dog. But Thibeaux can’t resist wanting to chase those irritating cats found along the route.

At times he can’t believe it’s true. He just has to reassure himself. Sometimes in the night he will come to the side of the bed, sniff his foster (just checking!) and then return to lay on his doggy bed. He is just loving those soft doggy beds, even the ones that are too small for him!

His foster says Thibeaux is a true companion and loves to be with you regardless of the goings-on. Take a step and he is by your side. In his mind, being with you is his number one priority. Take that last step in Thibeaux’s amazing transformation by showing him your forever home.

Please visit How To Adopt for more information about adoption. This same page also includes a link to an adoption application.


Where are They Now - Hamilton 17-078
Ishele Graves

When we made the big decision to add a third Golden to our family we would have never have expected the journey would be filled with such excitement, joy and training (on our part!) We picked up 7-month old Alexander Hamilton (aka “Hammie”) on June 30, 2017. Hamilton was found wandering as a stray in the Lockhart area and was in immediate need of a foster home. We had been approved to adopt only a few days before when the call came with the need to foster, so of course we jumped right on it! Before we knew it, the entire family was off to the shelter; so excited to meet our sweet boy. I remember the excitement everyone felt when we drove up and finally met him. I think he must have been as excited as we were because he instantly greeted us with a large smile, kisses and lots of wiggles. He didn’t stop smiling the entire ride home and energetically moved from side to side in the back seat of our SUV where our three children were sitting.

We didn’t know much about Hamilton other than him being a stray so over the next few weeks we learned quite a lot about him. Our two other golden retrievers are 4 and 9 so, as you can imagine, their energy level had waned from their younger years. Most days, before Hamilton came along, they were content to sunbathe on our pool deck or lazily flop next to us and snooze. When Hamilton came home however, the energy in our house instantly went up about ten notches. Wow – is he full of energy!! I think at first Hamilton’s Golden brother and sister, Jack and Pebble, were unsure how to handle it and being the sweet boy he is, Hamilton obliviously persisted in playing, smiling all the while.

Over the first few weeks that Hamilton was with us we leveraged the help of some of the fantastic GRR volunteers to address some naughty habits that were forming, like chasing our cat Milo, "dumpster diving", and being a little rough with his new Golden brother, Jack and Golden sister, Pebble. We learned, thankfully, that Hamilton was a very quick learner and extremely responsive to the coaching we were providing. It didn’t take much time before he was in sync with our entire household and had merged right into day-to-day living as if he had always belonged with us.

Hammie cracks us up with his quirks like rushing immediately out the back door and hunting for squirrels in the trees. He runs in circles under the trees or up and down the fence line when a squirrel is being particularly playful. He absolutely loves to fetch and plays tug of war with his sister Pebble. Whenever he can, he enjoys sneaking in our bathroom and eating the cat food and he loves dog cookies and chewies. He is a vocal boy and will let us know if his brother or sister take his toy or if he smells something yummy cooking in the kitchen. His favorite thing to do is cuddle at our feet or jump in bed with the kids, showering them with kisses before bed.

Life is Golden!


Goodbye to the Babies
Denise Maples


Today I said goodbye to Sugar 17-090 and Spice 17-091 as they are now going to foster homes. They are longing to be adopted by loving families of their very own and start the next phase of their journey in life.

At 12:30 in the morning on July 24th, foster Chiquita, who came into GRR via a rescuer in McAllen, started behaving strangely. By 1:00 a.m. it was obvious she was going into labor and she surprised us all by delivering puppies. These squirming, helpless, mewling little things were born and in such a short space of time have become adorable, playful puppies with such cute personalities.

Things I am grateful for:
  • GRR and the amazing support of donors, volunteers and experts. What a GREAT organization!
  • The experience. My house will never be the same again and I’ve learned a lot.
  • A washer and dryer
  • Lysol wipes
  • Google

Things I have learned:

  • Pee and Poop. There’s always plenty more where that came from.
  • Candace Gourley was correct in that “Sometimes Cute Things Stink.”
  • Puppy poop is REALLY hard to find in the grass.
  • Puppies don’t need to be taught to crowd a human when they visit the smallest room in the house.
  • 4 dogs in the bathroom at one time is quite do-able.
  • If they’re awake, they’re probably peeing and pooping.
  • Facebook posts with cute puppy pictures get lots of “likes.”
  • Herding puppies is the same as herding cats.
  • Puppies have sooooo much energy…..or none at all.
  • Mummy, Chiquita 17-082, is a great, caring mum.
  • Sherlock is a trooper and great foster Uncle…but don’t mess with his tennis ball.
  • Puppy pads, clean or otherwise, make GREAT tug of war toys.
  • There is no shortage of visitors when there are puppies in the house.
  • It takes approximately 3 seconds for a pup to poop and then drag itself through what it just did.
  • I’m tired so Chiquita must be exhausted.

Things I am looking forward to:
  • "me time”…….for both Chiquita and myself. I think a spa day may be in order.
  • Sleeping in after 5:30 a.m.
  • Leaving any door in the house open if I want to, just because I can.
  • Lunch breaks that don’t involve pee and poop.
  • Not waking up to the smell of poop.
  • Putting the furniture back in my bedroom.
  • Not worrying: Are they OK? Are they getting enough of mother’s milk? Am I doing this correctly? Are they sick?

Things I’m going to miss:
  • Sleepy puppy cuddles. They are the best.
  • Puppy licks and kisses
  • Pee and poop (Joke! Not really)
  • Watching them grow, not just in size but also in confidence and personality. What a great experience.
  • Seeing puppies romping through the grass, full of the joys of life and without a care in the world.
  • Watching these sweet pups as they grow up to adulthood. This is the hardest part.

Did you detect the common theme in this missive? 10 points if you guessed pee and poop LOL.

Would I do it all again? Not intentionally, unless I were retired or a “stay-at-home” mum. But I wouldn’t change anything. These pups will forever be in my heart and a part of my life’s experience and of me.


Thyroid Disease and Replacement Medication
Dr. Ron Stried, GRR Medical Director

Clinical signs of canine hypothyroidism:
  • Overweight even though the diet hasn’t changed
  • Lethargy
  • Cold Intolerance
  • Anxiety/aggression (behavioral changes, irritable, submissive, phobias)
All dogs are not the same:
  • Young animals have higher thyroid levels
  • Older animals have lower thyroid levels
  • Small and toy breeds have higher thyroid levels
  • Large and giant breeds have lower levels
  • Sight hound breeds have lower levels
Thyroid Replacement Medication

Thyroid medication is prescribed by a veterinarian. Thyroid medication is prescribed by a veterinarian. The bottle may say to give just once rather than the preferred two half-doses per day. It may mention giving the medication with the pet’s food. The following is important information regarding thyroid medication for dogs.

  1. Give the medication in two doses.

    Divide the prescribed total daily dose in half and give half in the morning and half in the evening to keep a consistent steady state amount in the body of the dog over 24 hours. This is because the half-life of thyroxine (thyroid supplement) in the dog is 16-24 hours. Half-life is the time required for medication to reduce to half its initial level.

  2. Thyroid medication should not be given with food or treats, especially those containing calcium or soy.

    These two compounds bind the medication and make it poorly available to the dog. If calcium is not listed on the back panel of the treat, please refer to the manufacturer’s website.

  3. Give this medication an hour before the meal or 3 hours after a meal.

  4. Please have your dog’s thyroid level tested annually.


Happy Thanksgiving to All You Golden Lovers!


In Loving Memory - Collin (Sammy) 16-038

We have sad news about Sharon Sutton’s permanent foster, #16-038 Collin. He was diagnosed with kidney failure in June 2016. In spite of special medications and kidney diet food, the condition gradually worsened until nothing more could be done. Collin was euthanized at Sharon’s home on 10/20/17.

Sharon adored Collin, and he had a very happy life until shortly before he passed. Sharon says, “We had spent lots of hug time before it happened. I loved that dog.” In her Facebook post Sharon says "It’s my turn to share sad news. My Sammy aka Collin had to be let go today as his kidneys gave up. Until a week ago, he was my red ray of joy and sunshine. Only was able to have him a year but it was a great one. I was blessed. Thank u GRR for a perfect boy".

Farewell Collin and safe travels,
Margo and Sharon


Is This Your Pack?


Dogtoberfest, Great BBQ and the Hearts of Gold Gala

Gold Ribbon Rescue had a booth at the 10th annual Dogtoberfest in Austin and we thank all of our volunteers who brought their babies and manned our booth. Dogtoberfest is a fundraising event that benefits local dog rescue organizations in the Austin area and we are pleased to support and participate in this worthy cause every year.

Wow - did we have fun at the BBQ! We met up at Two Bros. BBQ Market on Sunday afternoon, October 22nd. The rain gods blessed us and only unleashed a short shower in the morning so the weather was perfect. Great fun was had by both the four-leggeds and the two-leggeds. Oh, and great BBQ!!!

THE HEARTS OF GOLD GALA WAS WONDERFUL! The historic Charles Johnson home in Austin was the perfect venue and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The food and wine were delicious, the silent auction items were beyond belief, the live auction was lively and you couldn't beat the company. So glad we went!


Beaumont 17-107 is Creating a Toy Graveyard


GRR Monthly Status Report: September 22 - October 23
Paula Ellis

Sugar with foster brother Durango!

Came into care:17-118 Rusty, 17-119 Rowdy, 17-120 Ally, 17-121 Cowboy, 17-122 Zelda, 17-123M Toby, 17-124 Luna, 17-125 Biscuit

Adopted:17-040 Tina, 17-077 Lucia, 17-088 Lucky, 17-099 Norman, 17-100 McKinley, 17-096 Kali, 17-110 Joy, 17-093 Envie, 17-109 Buddy, 17-117 Levi, 17-080 Isabella, 17-108 Brave, 17-115 Boomer, 17-075 Marley

Currently in Foster Care: 30 - 14 available/available soon, 16 foster pend adoptions, 9 permanent fosters


Where are They Now - Dallas (Bodhi) 17-087
Dori Olsen with Staci Osburn


Dallas (now Bodhi) was an owner surrender who is now a beloved member of the Osburn family. He’s about seven months old and Staci says that he’s a sweetheart and romps with the best of them. His entry into the Osburn family happened very quickly; they met him on a Monday night and he went home with them that night. They’ve never looked back. He loves to hang out with their eleven year old son Aiden in his room.

When Dallas first came, he was frightened of going outside. His previous family had lived in an apartment and a neighbor’s pit bull bit him on the muzzle when he was just a puppy, causing his fear of the outside. It took awhile for him to become socialized with other dogs and on his daily walks he would cower if he saw even a Chihuahua. With lots of patience and training, that is now past. He loves to go outside and chase the squirrels that are running on the fence and the phone lines. So far, no success in catching them though!

Dallas is crate trained and sleeps through the night. There are absolutely no accidents in the house – what a good boy!

This light blonde boy is a typical Golden puppy! He gets on the furniture! He eats the pillows and cushions! He talks back when corrected, but only to Staci who is the primary disciplinarian. He has a basket of toys and he ate the basket! He did, however, spare his shark and his squirrel, his favorite toys. He shows great restraint by only gumming his stuffed animals, not tearing them to bits like a typical Golden. His Kong with frozen yogurt is a huge hit!

He’s growing up and will soon become a crazy adolescent. The Osburns love it!


Tails & Trails…Discovering Austin’s Outdoors with My Golden Gal!
Jen Micyk and Kerbey

Hamilton Greenbelts - two trailhead options:
1173 Lohmans Crossing Rd, Lakeway, Texas 78734
709 Palos Verdes Dr, Lakeway, Texas 78734

I’m in Lakeway fairly often for work and I used to find myself looking at all the green, hilly areas and wondering if there were any good hikes to explore there. One day, a couple of months ago, I finally did some searching and found a trail that I wanted to check out with Kerbey, so we ventured off recently to the Hamilton Greenbelt Trails.

There are two main trailheads with parking lots offered at both. We parked at Lohmans Crossing for this trip. The entrance is well-maintained with nice landscaping, scattered benches and picnic tables and a clean restroom with flushing toilets. The main trail is crushed granite and while it has the overall feel of the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail, it differed in one major aspect; the Hamilton Greenbelt had far fewer people. Along with the crushed granite trail that is outlined on the map at the entrance, there are also single track trails in the area, with one that runs along the main trail for what seemed like most of its length. We did spot a few mountain bikers out enjoying the day.

It’s just under 1.5 miles to hike to the other trailhead and the parking lot on Palos Verdes Dr. and when we got there the lot was empty, so keep this in mind if the first lot is full. There is not, however, a restroom at the trailhead on Palos Verdes Dr. The 1.5 miles offers multiple chances to play in the creek, plenty of shade for your stroll or run and even a couple of waterfalls to enjoy. This is an on-leash trail and we did not see anyone with their dogs off-leash so bear that in mind. I would definitely return to this park with Kerbey; I love anywhere that offers her water to get in and cool off and it is a great place to get a run in. But the next time I go, I think I will park at Palos Verdes Dr. and explore the next couple of miles of more primitive trail that lead to the Hurst Creek Arm of Lake Travis.

If you check out the map, you’ll see that there is also Smith Trail that starts where Hamilton Greenbelt does, off of Lohmans Crossing. We didn’t explore this trail but it’s described as primitive, which I gathered to just mean that it is not crushed granite. We covered a few miles and didn’t even get to see all that we wanted to; there’s so much out in Lakeway! The link below will give you information on these trails and even more in the area to enjoy on these cooler fall days.

Happy hiking!


In Memoriam - Volunteer Mary Ann George
Linda Wolf

What to say about Mary Ann? She was larger than life in so many ways. Her laugh was loud and long and true. Her love for friends was loyal and everlasting. Even those that hurt her could expect her to remain steadfast and honest. But her love for dogs was beyond anything most people could understand. She had dogs in her life from her childhood until...well, we had two when she died. Both are rescues. She loved them all, like the childhood song, “red or yellow, black or white, they are precious in her sight, all the puppies in the world.”

Even before she and I met, she was known in her circle of friends for taking in abandoned or rescued dogs, no matter what their health or condition. She would pour all she could into getting the dogs healthy again. And spoil them! However long one of her rescued babies lived, they lived a life of luxury. She pampered them, forgave them every wet spot, allowed them on every piece of furniture except the table and then, only if people were eating on it.

She perused the GRR website almost daily to see if there was a new dog that needed special attention. We always adopted or permanently fostered senior dogs. Neither one of us could keep up with a puppy. We weren’t, and I am still not, super active. Likewise, our health was not 100%; mine still isn’t. That’s why we adopted senior dogs. We identified with them on so many levels. They ALL came to love her so completely. They doted on her every step, sat beside her on the couch when their legs and hips would allow for that and followed her around to every nook and cranny in this old house. Sometimes it drove her to distraction. She would be muttering under her breath about not even being able to go to the bathroom without an entourage of dogs following her. But she loved every minute of it.There’s one old golden left now, Levi, and a schnauzer named Jackson. Like me, they wander around the house at times looking for her. There’s a huge hole in our hearts. It will be a long time healing over.

(From GRR: Rest in peace Mary Ann. We will miss you and we truly appreciate everything that you did for our precious GRR Goldens and for us.)


Come Down This Second!
Missy Robertson Sipple

This is our GRR dog, Beauregard. Yes, he ran UP the tree to chase a squirrel. He was able to get down himself. He is blocked off from ever doing it again because it is terrifying seeing your 85 pound DOG in a tree.


Thoughts, Prayers and Remembrance

Our Rainbow Bridge: (since October 2017)

Rest in peace, our friends and companions...

Jackson (14-054)
Poppin (12-095)
Wrigley (15-003)
Goldie (2008)
Maggie (10-104)
Comet (07-027)
AJ (08-117)
Collin (16-038)


Halloween - Aa-oooooo! Happy Howl-o-ween!

Thanks to everyone who shared photos of your festively attired pooches. Enjoy!


Is He Dressed for Halloween?

No! This is Cowboy 17-121 and he's just being his happy, natural self! What a character!


It’s Pumpkin Time! Yum!

DIY Pumpkin Dog Treats are Fall-Fabulous Superfood for Your Pup

It’s pumpkin spice season, so why not get in the spirit with pumpkin-infused DIY dog treats? Pumpkin keeps a dog’s urinary and digestive track running smoothly thanks to a healthy dose of fiber, and it’s got plenty of great nutrients for your pet, too.

As always, be sure to check with your vet if you’re concerned about food allergies or sensitivities in your dog.

Pro tip: if you’re not into baking, you can always buy your dog some healthy pumpkin and cinnamon biscuits, or pumpkin bites, or pretty much pumpkin anything.

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Whole wheat flour, eggs, unsweetened canned pumpkin, natural peanut butter, salt, and ground cinnamon come together at 350 degrees to create these delicious biscuits. Mix, roll out, cut into adorable shapes, bake, and voila! Two paws up.

Pumpkin Apple Doggie Mint Treats

Nobody really wants a face full of bad dog breath. But thankfully, these minty treats kick halitosis to the curb.
Assemble pumpkin puree, eggs, whole wheat flour, an apple, mint and parsley for this crisp, refreshing fall pup treat. A bone-shaped cookie cutter completes the effect.

Pumpkin Puppy Muffins

We’re not going to lie — these pumpkin puppy muffins look so good, we’ll probably snag a few for ourselves.

You’ll need a rainy afternoon and pumpkin puree, whole wheat flour, oats, coconut oil, an egg, vanilla, honey, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, ginger and water. Mix, pour in a lightly greased muffin tin, bake for 15 minutes, and enjoy! (P.S.: these freeze well.)

Healthy Pumpkin Dog Treats

Looking for a grain-free pumpkin dog treat recipe? Look no further!

A Cozy Kitchen’s pumpkin snacks call for garbanzo flour, peanut butter, eggs and pumpkin puree.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Ice Cream PB + pumpkin in ice cream form? Yeah, we’re into that. This one’s super simple: pumpkin puree, peanut butter, plain yogurt. Blend, freeze, and get to licking.

Please click on above to view the entire article and see the rest of the delicious treats.