Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

 GRR Number:  16-087

Type of Surrender: Owner surrender

Age: 12 years

Weight:    56 pounds (ideaweight 55-57 pounds)

Status: Matched

Personality:   Hello my name is Mitzi.  I am 12 years old and I just came to GRR about a week ago.   My foster family says that I am the sweetest thing they have met in a very long time.  I have been living with my sister, Sadie, up until now, but GRR thought it best that we find different homes so we can find out what it’s like to think humans are super awesome and the centers of our universe.  Well, even though I miss my sister, I can tell you that I’m liking several things about being attached to humans.

First, I really like air conditioning.  A lot.  Even though my foster family has given me a comfy bed that befits a lady of my age and disposition, I prefer the cold tile.  You know what?  GRR was not sure that I was house trained because I lived outside all the time.  Well, I like air conditioning so much that I learned to go potty outside in about two seconds.  I have not had one accident in the house, and the same cannot be said for the Australian Shepherd who lives here too.  Guess how you know I need to go out?  I’ll come up to you and give you a little whining noise. 

I am not a big eater – do not get me wrong, I love to eat.  But, I do not eat large quantities.  I get very excited in the morning and the evening when it is mealtime, but my family is trying to figure out how much I really will eat.   Even when they cook special things, I sometimes do not eat as much as the other dogs in the house.  Those other dogs are always happy to help clean my bowl, and I do not mind one bit.  However, when it comes to pizza, I love pizza.  I can eat pizza all day.  All the time.   Good thing my foster family orders pizza at least once per week.  I get so excited, in fact, that I make a funny snorting noise and sometimes, I get a little pushy with my face and nose and my tail wags so fast, it creates a lot of wind.  Oh, and when my tail gets going?  It goes in circles.  My family told me that is one of their favorite things about me.  Besides my sweet and gentle personality.

I do have a few health issues.  Sometime, long ago, I ruptured my ACL on one of my back legs.   My body tried to heal it, but now, my back leg doesn’t bend.  It makes it really hard for me to walk and I have a pretty big limp, and it is very difficult to go up lots of stairs.  So, I just adapted and took it easy in life and spent most of my time lying down.  That has made my muscles in my back legs a little weak too.  On top of that, I’m 12 years old and let’s face it, old ladies like me often have bad arthritis and hip dysplasia.   But, GRR has me on joint supplements and pain medications, if I need them.  My foster family is going to try some physical therapy with me in the pool, and I am definitely interested in the pool.  Finally, I do probably need to share something a little embarrassing. I guess that when I get really relaxed and sleep, my bladder leaks a little.  But, GRR has helped me with that too and I am on medication that seems to be helping. 

If you want to walk me on a leash, I walk perfectly.  Because I really can’t see very well and I do have bilateral ear infections (getting drops for those!), so I can’t hear that well, sometimes I wander one way when you are trying to go another.  I never get far, and I don’t walk very fast at all so my family says that I am an angel on a leash.  Besides, I like being with my family, so I really do not want to wander.  I’d prefer to always be near my family.  As much as possible.

I like riding in the car, but my back leg makes it hard for me to sit.  I also need help getting in the car and getting out.  I really cannot jump by myself.   But, if you get me in the car in the right position, I am true to my golden nature and like to stare meaningfully at people in the nearby cars.

I live with three other dogs and our introduction was really simple and easy.  I’m mellow and they know it.  One of my brothers and I like to go outside to do our business together, and both of us come back inside to the air conditioning pretty quickly.  I also lived most of my life with children around me, so I am wonderful and gentle with kids of all ages.

Ideal Home:   Because it’s hard for me to go up and down stairs, a home with very few to none is best.  Also, I need a home that is willing to help me get into cars, and to be patient with how slow I am.  It might be hard for me to be in a home with a very active younger dog, just because they won’t know that they can easily knock me over and hurt me.   But, I do like being with other dogs, and I really like being with a person.  I would like to be in a home that would not mind me following the people who live there around constantly, and who will give me love and pet me and just be glad to spend time in my company.   I just want to be loved and I promise that I will love you back.

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