Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-080

Type of Surrender: Paris, Texas shelter

Status: Available Novembef 26

Age: ~5

Weight: 60

Update for Miles - 11/6/18

Miles is now up to his vet approved weight of 75 lbs and is looking pretty buff. The fur on his neck has about grown back although it looks like he has a white collar as the fur grew in lighter than his body. He's still a lover, loves those pets and competes with Riley for the prime spot on the bed, but leaves it to us after his obligatory 5-10 min of petting/scratching.
His foster family has been trying to introduce and socialize him by having people who visit come quietly with treats and pets to share to show not all people are as bad as his previous owner(s).  The same goes for the neighborhood "snack size" yappy dogs.
He still needs a home with a family who is willing to work on socializing, as the trainer who evaluated him thought that he probably had never been socialized with people and other dogs. Once he gets to know that you are a member of his pack, you're ok, but until then he reverts to "guard" dog mode and will bark "to chase the wolves away..." A big fenced yard where he can run if he wants should be mandatory for a new home, or better still, someone who runs/jogs daily and could use a running partner to burn off his excess energy.


Miles is a handsome boy who has not had a good life up to this point. He lived his live on a chain and his collar was partially embedded when he came into care. He is also heartworm positive, came in with a skin infection, ear infections, and loaded with fleas. GRR and his foster family are actively treating him for these issues and he should recover nicely.

Personality: He is a sweet fellow, considering all he’s been through, and at this point he is pretty shy. His foster family says, “so far, so good” on the house training front. He is free to roam a limited set of rooms in his house. Miles plays well with other dogs and is nice and calm around children, but he’s had no cat exposure.

Miles pulls a little on the leash, undoubtedly excited to see the world beyond the length of a chain. He’s good in the car, but so far he does not seem interested in swimming. He shares his food well as his foster family helps him to gain some weight. Miles sleeps peacefully through the night and has learned the heaven on earth that is “the bed.”

He doesn’t seem too interested in toys. He probably hasn’t had much experience in that regard. He loves, loves, loves to be petted and brushed. He’s very much a people “Person” as he likes being touched and likes to lick the hand the pets him!

Miles is getting more social every day and has begun to be the one to initiate play time with his foster brother dog. When he’s happy he lays on his back with his feet kicking at the air.

Ideal Home: Miles’ forever family should be willing to take the time to continue his training.



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